Week 8, Run 1 - 3 new personal records!

Hello everybody!

I started week 8 this evening. I felt fairly confident about it and was eager to get moving as it was very chilly when I stepped outside. On my warm-up walk I checked out the little spot between the two houses, wondering whether Mr Fox would be there - but alas, he was not.

I ran a little later than usual as I'd stayed late at work to plan, mark, procrastinate, complain about how much work I have to do, and suchlike, so the roads were a little quieter, which was nice.

I found my ankles a little bit stiff and unwilling to cooperate to begin with, but they weren't painful or anything. The feeling went away and returned at around the 20-minute mark. I'll make sure that my ankles get a good stretching the next time I go out for a run. I overtook a lady walking her enthusiastic puppy and then overtook her again later. I wasn't trying to break any records today, but I was setting myself little targets. I use runkeeper to track my runs, as I find looking at the stats really interesting and encouraging ("Hey, I just burned over 250 calories!" etc.), and it tells you every 5 minutes how many miles/km you've covered. So I said to myself, 'Okay, in the next 5 minutes get to this many miles.' I shocked myself when I told myself to get to 2.2 miles before the next interval and I'd gotten to 2.7! I was shocked but very proud of myself. I kept on running and kept up the pace pretty consistently throughout.

I ran into a bit of an annoyance at 7.30 when once again my alarm went off, and I had to unstrap my phone from my arm to turn it off and resume the podcast. I kept running whilst I did this and managed to keep up a good pace. I finished on a high, upping the pace for the entire minute.

According to runkeeper, I broke 3 records today. Now I've only recently begun tracking my runs, and I'm obviously very early on in my running career, but after a stressful week this was a real confidence booster! I broke the record for the longest duration (makes sense), most calories burned (again, makes sense), and farthest distance - 2.99 miles. Now, this includes the 5 minutes either side of the run, because fiddling too much with my phone and arm strap is a distraction, but bloody hell, I'm proud of myself tonight.

Although I obviously still have 2 runs to go, and I could have a bad run in-between now and then, I feel confident about week 9. I am so impressed by this plan. You guys know I hated PE and could never exercise and was always sceptical about it. 'No one actually enjoys exercise', I told myself. 'Those plans don't really work', I thought. Turns out I was totally wrong! I cannot sing the praises of this plan enough. It's really worked for me and if you're thinking about doing it, do it! =]

Anyway, I hope that you all have had a good day and a good run, if you went out today. Good luck to those running in races or park runs this weekend, too =]


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22 Replies

  • Well done, sounds like you had a fab run. I am such a fan of this training programme I can not believe after years of hating excercise I've found something I love, 7 weeks ago I couldn't run for a bus, today I ran 25 minutes. I think everyone should try it.

  • It's great, isn't it? Well done on your 25 minute-er by the way, I felt like 25 minutes was a big step up :)

  • Aw brilliant post, I really enjoyed reading that :-)

    Yes its good to see those PRs popping up on Runkeeper . I was a complete techno- numpty and didnt discover the joys of running apps/ trackers until long after I graduated .

    I hated PE at school, I used to forge letters to get out of it , we had to wear big navy knickers and tuck our tops into them ( Im showing my age now ) and I absolutely hated it ! :-)

    This programme is absolutely amazing isnt it ? This and stopping smoking has turned my life around. Running is the best feeling EVER !

    Good Luck and keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Bottle green knickers at my school...!

    Goodness..that takes me right back...and regulation length skirts! !

  • Thank you!! :) It's really pleasing to see the progress you make. I remember forging letters to get out of PE, too! I only really liked tennis and rounders, but with rounders it involved a lot of sitting around on the grass on a nice hot day waiting for your turn! :)

  • Bottle Green ! Ha ha , now theres a colour you dont see very often these days :-)

    We did progress to pleated navy blue skirts, but still had to tuck it into our navy blue knickers - Why ??? :-) xxx

  • The uniform was bottle green and purple... I still have my school sash... I was in Spode House...colour purple... you wore it around your waist... Minton House was green, Worcester was yellow and Wedgwood House was blue.

    The mysteries of life eh?

    Imagine all this nowadays???? Don't think so! :)

  • I love the house names ... ours were red, green, yellow and blue. Sigh.

  • Never mind..Riotous red...Gorgeous green...Yummy yellow and Beautiful blue!!! How's that ? :)

  • I like that ... although in my case it was reluctant red when it came to sports day!

  • Tee hee!

  • Yes! We had " houses " too ! All named after prominent Yorkshire folk ! Red, blue , Yellow and Green !

    I think I was in Blue , I cant remember the name , but I remember the Yellow house was named after the author JB Priestley. Arrgh, I am going to drive myself mad now thinking of the others ! :-) xxx

  • We were close to an RAF base and all our houses were named after aeroplanes (I think that's what they were). Shackleton was yellow. I was in Andover, blue (is that a plane?). Always had to run the cross-country for my house in my year because nobody else would do it and I couldn't say no. Now I'm doing it voluntarily!

  • Weird, how we end up doing things which we didn't enjoy...:)

  • You sound like you are doing great, keep doing what you are doing and a whole new world of running / friends and social benefits will be in front of you. Distance & pace are related slow down if you need to and the distance will sort itself out.

  • We had houses too. I was in Clive ( red)

    Then there was Gordon, Rhodes and Wolfe. Clive was best. (Like Gryffendor) :)

  • Totally...go Harry! My house was best too....was it because we were in them ?:)

  • Yes yes yes. :) :)

  • Well done! It must feel great to be so close to graduation. Good luck!

  • Well done... your run sounds excellent. Not far to go now...perhaps the fox was following you :)

  • Back on the school gym pants subject - mine were a ghastly poo brown colour and huge - gave me a phobia about games for many years. (In fact these pants must be one of the reasons girls hated PE in those days)

  • Well done a great run for you and another convert :)

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