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Post grad struggles

Don't know what it is but since graduating my runs have gone to pot! The first one I did totally solo and I think I went too fast (standard problem) and then today I used the podcast and ended up spotting someone from uni whilst I was running and ended up stopping and it threw me off a bit.

Gonna stay positive though! I love love love getting to go out for a run so don't worry, I'm not giving up. Just thought I'd check in after all your wonderful comments last week!

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Been there, done that! Yes, after the incredible feeling you get with graduation comes 'what do I do now?' Syndrome. You will get the odd bad run. It does happen, but the thing to do is give yourself an objective. A little bit further, a little bit faster or a different run or a different terrain maybe. Have some fun plotting a route and 'head out' and see where it takes you.

Have fun, you'll be fine!

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Hi Katy

I think that we all get/got a bit "over-confident" after graduating.

Now that you can run 30 minutes non-stop - why not mark off the calender for 3 x 30 minute runs per week for the next month -- start out nice and slow and then slowly slowly build up a bit more pace after two weeks or so of the slow running - or whenever you feel strong enough to do so. After that month , work up to running 5K in whatever time you can - and slowly lower that time over the following month. There! you have a 2 month plan ahead of you :) And don't forget to smile :)


I remember feeling a bit like this too. I then took my adventures outdoors and have never looked back after 9 weeks on the dreadmill!! Sounds like bazza has mapped you out a good plan there though!!!!


Yes the few weeks after graduating can be a strange time. I kept on running to weeks 8 and 9 for a while until I got so sick of the music I was ready to gnaw my own limbs off... It's very tempting to try and beat your last time each time you go out, and this can be really exhausting and quite soul-destroying, so I'd recommend experimenting with finding a slower pace on at least one run a week, one where you are breathing really comfortably and could hold a conversation. Sounds counter-intuitive but it will really help you run for longer, and eventually faster.


Yep , same here ... I struggled without Laura so kept dipping in and out week 8&9. That music is hilarious, gotta love a bit of Julie ❤️ Also, just slowly ran until I could do 5k, then repeated for weeks before trying to go any further . Mixed it up with her speed and stamina pods and eventually weaned myself off her... (Aww, still miss her a tad). Just use map my run with my own music now ...

Happy running :-)

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Settled on 5K+ Stamina, tried Stepping Stone but the start was too slow.

Give it a go :)


Me too - wrote a post y'day virtually the same. Good to know we're all the same. Take it from me, if I had Allicante to run in rather than Norfolk I know where I'd be heading. Try getting out of bed with an easterly blowing straight off the North Sea! At least you like going out running - my problem is I don't enjoy it yet. Send us a photo of the sun to cheer us all up!


Can totally sympathise. Just pleeeeease don't do what I did and overdo it.

I remember trying to get a PB on every run after I graduated and consequently gave myself the worst shin splints ever, and stupidly, I stopped running for a couple of months and it put me back to square one. I still feel as if I am trying to recover from it now!

Just take it easy as your body is still getting used to running. Speed and extra distance will come with time.



Bazza's plan is good, or you coulod try the C25K+ podcasts, they feature the lovely Laura but without that horrible Julie...have you mixed your routes up? I try and choose somewhere I haven't been before and run there... I'm finding out so much about my city that I didn't know...


Mix up the runs Katy. New distances, new routes, mix up some +5 podcasts with your own tunes. Run anywhere and everywhere. It doesn't have to be far

Are you still in Spain? If so you could run to a local landmark, beauty spot, beach etc and then run home when you've had a breather and taken in the sights/picnic etc. Keep it fun and then you won't get fed up


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