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Please go away snow!


Today was week 6 run 2 and it was definitely a struggle at the start! It was so cold when I went out so the first 5 minutes of running were really tough, I considered walking which I hadn't really done before but thankfully I found a good pace! When Laura said to stop after the first run I was a bit annoyed as I knew I'd have to find my pace all over again in the second run!

It did get better though and I did some maths in my head to keep my mind of the cold!

I just really want the sun to come out now! It's my birthday tomorrow and I want to it to be warm! Oh well, looking forward to running without the stops!

Happy running!

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Hey R4ch,been there done that too... again we're in sync! Well done you.... I agree with you that the interval today was a bit of a nuisance, and I almost continued to jog through it as I was so blooming cold! So, I'm reckoning that we're ready for the next few... bring 'em on. Oh, and PLEASE Mr Sunshine put in an appearance soon... I'm soooo over winter cold now!

Happy Birthday for tomorrow, lots of nice treats and a good rest before 6.3. Linda :D XX

Yes please pass the sunshine up here when you've finished with it. I've just been to the park with my lad and the dog where we had to make a hasty retreat back to the car to shelter from the sleet!

Congratz on W6 R2 and Many Happy Returns for tomorrow!

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