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Its time to say good least to Laura

I finished the program today. Just in time for the 5x50 challenge. I did not manage to finish the 5k in 30 minutes, had to add an extra 2 minutes to finish the full 5k, but done it.

I am really interested in starting to build up for 10k, but think I will stay a while keep running the 5k, working on a better time, and for me really important to feel more comfortable with the run. Not sure if it happened to anyone else, but I still have a hard time in those last 5 minutes. I really want it to feel easier before I move on, or will be the pushing to the end always be there?

Thank you to Laura, to the program and a big thank you to all those people who took the time reading my blogs, encouraging me while reading their blogs. It is just so much easier if you don't have to struggle by yourself.

Now lets celebrate!!!! I know I have been doing the happy dance since I got home and I forgot how good I look with a big bright smile :-)

Looking forward to the runs with my own playlist now...god how I hated the music!!!!!!

Happy Easter everybody, maybe I can treat myself with a piece of that chocolate bunny which is been staring at me all day ;-)

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Congrats Wiggles on completing the C25K programme. Now just that little challenge of 5x50 to do!!! Don't forget to send a message to the NHS Editor to get your graduate badge.


Fantastic wiggles!! Congratulations on your graduation and yes, go celebrate after you have finished your happy dance!! :) You are good lasting so long with that music, I had to ditch it as soon as the intervals stopped! ;)

I am raising a glass of vino right now to celebrate your achievement too! Enjoy your bunny and oh yes, welcome to the Grad Club!!



Thanks Sue, I do feel really special to be part of the Club :-)

Enjoy that glass of vino, while I finish my happy dance :-)


Congratulations Wiggles! You must be feeling soo proud of yourself. Can't wait til I get there myself but I've still got a few runs to go... Well done, be happy and enjoy your choc, you can always run it off tomorrow! :-)


Congratulations, can't wait for my turn. 1 run left!!

What a fantastic time, only an extra 2 mins I am so much slower than you, so well done.Must admit I said goodbye to Laura a few weeks ago and made my own playlists,I miss her, but not the music


One more run and you will be here telling us about your graduation. I have tried to say goodbye to Laura before, but I have to admit how much I did not agree with her choice of Music, I still enjoyed her encouragement while running. This will be sure missed now.


Congrats. It's so encouraging to read about all these graduate runs! Well done. :-)


Well happy days, another graduation blog!! :) Congratulations on finishing the program and tacking on those extra couple of minutes. If I had a chocolate bunny staring at me I'd most certainly bite it's head off. :D


Congrats Wiggles, great to see you graduate, and fantastic time for 5k - I dream of times like that! :-)

I'm still using Laura ( ran to Stepping Stones for 5x50 today) as it help me improve my speed, although I have downloaded some B210K things too... One day! :-)

Hope you enjoyed your bunny, I now have 2 eggs saved in my cupboard for grandson (and he woke me up with a mini chocolate rabbit this morning and insisted I ate a piece - yuk! Managed a tiny morsel, he gladly polished off the rest after church!


Congratulations xx there's quite a few graduating this week :-) all in time for the 5x50 great feeling isn't it xx well done :-)


Well done wiggles - are you still wiggling with that happy dance? You are a speedy runner too - by the end of 5x50 you will be sooooooooo fast! :)


Well done wiggles! I was just pondering the fact that I started c25k five months ago. It does get easier, promise. For me it just happened without me noticing. Went out for a 5k, did 6 no bother no fuss just felt good :) Just follow your body. Yes, get used to doing 5k. I think doing the speed podcast also helps. It's a hard one for some, and for me I had to dig deep. Now it's alot easier.

B210k started finally! :D Tricia x


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