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Rain, Wind, 5K, a Rainbow ...oh and GRADUATION!!!


Tonight I have graduated and I am so so pleased.

First things first; the run: After accidentally doing 5K on my first run of W9 it seemed churlish not to do it again so my last run and this were both 5K. It was cool tonight which suits me but it started bucketing with rain about halfway through. I actually had a crazy moment where it was raining so hard I couldn't really see through my glasses but a really good song was playing and I just felt a bit delirious "I'm a serious runner - I can run in wind and pouring rain" (imagine a super hero voice in your head!!)

When I got to the 4K mark I remembered Laura's "finish strong" advice. In hindsight I don't think she meant run as hard as you can for a whole kilometre which is what I did! It was hard but finished the 5K in 30m 59s. As I stopped and turned round (ecstatically happy) there was a big rainbow above me.

Now I'm not religious but the running gods were smiling over me I'm sure :-)

So now for the Oscar style emotion ; thank you to every person on this board for supporting and encouraging me, especially when it got tough. Even those I've never "spoke to" I love reading everyone's blogs and stories.

When I started this I honestly never believed I'd be where I am now. Just last Summer I sat watching the Olympics, just a stones throw from my house - 3 and a half stone heavier than now and desperately unhealthy and unfit. It really spurred me, initially to lose weight and be healthy for my kids but then wanted to get fit and caught the running bug. Me, a runner - it's still surreal :-D

So for those at the beginning who may be finding it hard, keep going and have faith. If I can do it, anyone can. To all the graduates, I'm now with you and will be sounding you all out for some advice on how to continue this journey.

I have genuinely been touched by the kindness of people on here and am so happy to be part of this lovely community.

Kel x x

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Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. well done on every count. Enjoy that feeling and your graduate badge!


Huge congratulations - what an achievement! No wonder the running gods gave you a rainbow. :)

LondonKelGraduate in reply to greenlegs

Thank you! You have been a little voice on my shoulders when I've struggled with runs - Slow and Steady!! I will remember that if I'm brave/insane enough to run the marathon next year :-)

greenlegsGraduate in reply to LondonKel

Oh, I love that idea - being present in a marathon as a little voice! :)

LondonKelGraduate in reply to greenlegs

I'd love to see you in the crowd with a "Slow & Steady" banner !


Thanks all! I messaged the administrator about my badge - was that the right way to do it? I know it's been posted about a million times but couldn't remember in my excitement!

greenlegsGraduate in reply to LondonKel

Yes, it's the official right way, but using the 'Feedback' button seems to be quicker in practice. Admin sometimes isn't around, but the feedback team are there for office hours.


Yes that's the right way to do it, I hope it appears soon! Well done, that is a great blog - very inspirations and what a great 5k time!

Love this post...how great! It is this sort of post that keeps me going, all these stories of "I never thought I could do it..." One day I want this to be me.

Looking forward to seeing your graduate badge, and thanks for the inspiration :-)

LondonKelGraduate in reply to maryannlucy

Ahh thanks - never dreamed I'd be a running inspiration to anyone!! Def read the early blog posts of the graduates - we all started the same.

When I first blogged here, I'd seen someone I know after one of my first runs (think purple beetroot head!). I told him I was running race for life in July and he said "I'll sponsor you but looking at you now , I don't think you'll make it"

Ha ha - tonight was a fingers up to you Barry!

( funny thing is I saw him the other day, and he was asking me about my running and how I'd lost weight with Slimming World and was really interested to do it himself)

They say the best revenge is living well...:-)

Love it!!!! Take him for every penny you can for your Race for Life ;-)

Hi Kel, remember me, I think you we're slightly behind me in weeks but have caught me and overtaken me due to my ankle injury. A massive congratulations to you, can't wait to see your graduate badge, and hopefully now I have an ankle brace I will be joining you in about 3 weeks all being well. A truly great graduation blog and a great time for 5K. :-)

LondonKelGraduate in reply to julieg21

Hi! Sorry to hear about your ankle injury ( I must have missed that when I was having some stressful weeks and didn't come on here much)

Hope it's not too serious ? You've come this far so no doubt you will get there

Thanks and good luck to you x


What a great finish & a fantastic time :-) you are a perfect example of what can be achieved by completing this program.

I hope you keep it up and keep on writing the blogs. Enjoy your celebration :-)


Fantastic, well done you. Very inspiring!


I'll second that sentiment. A great community!

WELL DONE on your achievement! And thank you for encouraging us newbies!


Wow! Well done, awesome time and graduation, I think I would have been dancing at the end! I so hope I can do as well a you in a few weeks (well, maybe not the 5k but, at least 30 mins!) so great! :)


Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone. I'm out tomorrow night so will definitely have a few Pimms to celebrate!

I love how this programme and community has united us all - all different ages and all over the world but all in it together :-)


Woohoo Kel, you did it - we did it!!!! Well done on an AMAZING finish. No wonder you got a rainbow. I'm very envious of your time. I think it's fantastic that the Olympics inspired you. Here's to the next stage, graduate. :-)


Woo hoo!! Congratulations Kel, a fantastic time too! Us London girls rock!! :D

It was the Olympics that inspired me to run too and so many others here so a legacy left behind indeed!

Welcome to the Grad Club and enjoy your celebrations!

Sue x

ps Loving the rainbow :)


Hiya, only just logged on to see your news! Amazing, well done and congratulations upon completing the challenge! Wow, a rainbow today and now another star! The sky is filling up ;) :D Enjoy some celebrations and be sure to keep us all posted about your post grad plans. Best wishes, Linda x :)

well done

Well done!!! I'm curious about the weight loss .... I just did W6R2 and if anything I'm putting on weight :( Did you cut back on calories as well or does the increase in running (ie. 25 mins x 3 times a week) really help??

LondonKelGraduate in reply to Allimac


I'd already lost nearl 3 stone when I started this programme by joining Slimming World. I don't think the running has made a huge difference with my weight loss but has helped me maintain my weight on those weeks where I've overindulged a bit! I think my bum and thighs have toned up a bit but still work to be done there!


Fantastic! Congratulations on your graduation! A great blog and an amazing story - truly inspirational :)

Awesome! Well done Kel! What an inspiration you are. I'm on the Slimming World wagon as well (four stones down since New Year and lots more to go), but loving the feeling of being a bit lighter and a bit fitter and a little bit of a runner (week 5 here I come). Thanks for posting, I hope I can nail it you like you have!


Just caught up with your fantastic blog. Wonderful to read. Well done, also on that fantastic time. I wish I could do 5K that quickly! What are you going to do next? I can't decide! xx

LondonKelGraduate in reply to PamJK

Thanks Pam!!

I'm so confused about what to do next. Read so many different ideas that I'm a bit overloaded. There's B210K which I might try even though I don't like the idea of intervals again. Going to have a good think about it this weekend but interested to seenhow others have approached it.


Fantastic Kel. you are one of the very few in the recent times to actually do 5K in 30 mins on graduation!

LondonKelGraduate in reply to CouchCarrot

Thanks CouchCarrot - see you're a grad now too!

Am in awe at you running in heat. Have been thankful for the rubbish weather lately running wise. After struggling through w7 and 8 with a little bit of sunshine I don't know how you do it in that heat there. Bring on Winter!!

CouchCarrotGraduate in reply to LondonKel

Thanks Kel. I am glad that I completed my Graduation during peak summer in Bangalore. If I can run in this weather, I can definitely do it at anytime of the year! But if I have to run in colder weather in London, brrrrrr,, I guess I will find it more difficult than running in peak summer here. Just because I grew up in this sub-tropical weather all my life. Keep running!


I have a Graduate badge!!! How exciting!!

Sorry for the delay in responding but had one or two (ahem) celebratory drinks last night ;-)

Thanks for all the lovely comments - really given me a lift x


Lovely, lovely blog! Well done, a marvellous achievement and a really inspirational story. Keep on running!


Glad to hear you have had some celebratory drinks. I may have had one or two myself :D

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