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Epiphany just at the right time

I've been reading all the posts every day for the last 9 weeks. Somehow I missed the message that you need to run SLOW! At the end of week 8 I'm running and huffing and puffing and not really enjoying myself. So I joined my husband on his brisk walk. And I started running beside him and we were talking (and I was really happy because I could carry on a conversation) and it hit me. I've been running too fast this whole time!!! OMG. This changes everything! The last three runs of the program were outstanding. Sooooo enjoyable. Now that I've graduated, my plan is to slowly increase my speed and duration of my runs and get myself to a 5k eventually. But no rush right? The main thing is enjoying the run. Thanks all you C25Kers for all your motivating words. You really helped me do this.

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Laura did tell you! Oh well, at least you know now. Slow will get you places! Don't knock it. Congratulations on graduating. It's a liberating, life-enhancing, uplifting experience. You'll go on, hopefully, to develop your running to new heights, new adventures all to be had. Roll on spring!

Good luck and well done


I didn't think I was going very fast I just thought I was extremely unfit. And I just quit smoking in September so that would have contributed to the breathlessness. I just figured if I could keep doing it 3 times a week it would get easier. But, honestly, if I hadn't had my epiphany, I probably would have given it up because I was not having fun. But now I am! :-)


Exactly, not too fast :)

Running should be a pleasure not a chore.

If you are enjoying it, then you will do it regularly, and you will improve automatically. Push too hard, and you will not enjoy it, and you will stop running, that's not good.

Well done for completing C25K, enjoy your running :)


Congratulations on graduating! :-D

Sounds so lovely running while your husband is walking with you. And being able to hold a converstation is amazing! Glad to hear you are enjoying it more.



Congratulations on graduating! Sounds like you just needed someone to be a pace setter ;) Happy running :D


Congratulations on graduating! Hope you feel amazingly proud of yourself. No matter how many times we all say 'slow and steady', you kind of need to find that out for yourself don't you?

Well done and I hope you enjoy your running adventures ahead.


Congratulations Cindy, and better late than never! I'm glad you are enjoying running now :) x


Well done on your graduation .... Happy Running :-)


Congratulations on graduating and being able to slow down. Perhaps I could borrow your husband as I still find it difficult to slow down!


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