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Hi guys,

Haven’t posed here for little while but have continued to run.

I finished W8R3 last night and only have 1 week of the program left.

I have been tracking my distance and while it has slowly improved, I’m way off the 5k in 30mins I’d like to work towards.

I was wondering the best way to work towards improving my pace because at this rate it’ll take me 50mins to finish 5k.

A friend suggested what helped him was redoing the program but at a faster pace during run period and slowly jogging during the brisk walk period in first 6weeks.

Is this a good suggestion? For those who have improved their distance, how did you do it?

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For now I’d just graduate, consolidate until it’s comfortable to run 30 minutes and then look at speed and distance.

Great job on week 8... enjoy the victory lap.

SamSam17Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you. I think I like that suggestion and I might give myself till the new year to just focus on running and not worry about the distance.

I just worry without a goal, I’ll lose motivation.

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to SamSam17

When I started I set myself 3 goals.

Complete this

Run a parkrun in x minutes

Run a marathon

One is done, one is a long way off, still impossible! One is not too far away, and will keep me busy. So, there will be consolidation periods for me, I may go a couple of months without actively working towards a goal, and in that period all I have to do is maintain to stay on track. So maybe setting similar goals (I’m not saying 26.2 miles) would help?


Hey SamSam you're doing great! Just remember only 10% of people actually get to 5K within the program, so you're progressing brilliantly. I'm in a similar boat, I thought I would be close to it and Monday on W9R1 was my final shot really at attempting it (circuits on a flat, ended up being like .05 miles short so was pretty frustrating).

I had planned to simply rinse and repeat the 30 minute run until I saw some progression, but that idea of your friends does sound pretty interesting. Only downside I could see is that the sprint sections may occur when you don't want them to (ie uphills etc) and maybe tricky with the breath control. Also some of the runs are under the 30 but guess that doesn't matter too much as you could extend it or have a shorter run.

Have you tried different routes, circuits etc? Maybe worthwhile trying. It dropped nearly a minute off my mile trying that on W9R1 (but eventually really want to also to be able to do it on my normal route).

Will be interested to see what the graduates suggest here, but don't dwell on it just enjoy week 9, deal with the 5k as your next challenge!

SamSam17Graduate in reply to sHAYM4N

Thanks :) I’ve also been following your progress. You’re so close! Well done

I’ve been using the treadmill for this program and have no intention to run outside anytime soon. Maybe spring/summer next year


Hi SamSam17

why do you want to do 5k in under 30mins? its an arbitrary(ish) number. I was reading a forum post the other day where a graduate 1 yr on has not reached the 5k/30mins. And they are cool with that. So much will depend on age, natural ability, weight etc

I'm not saying dont aim for that, just dont feel pressurized to do it. You run, ergo you are a runner. Speed is not a factor in that equation. Run because you enjoy it :) :) :)

SamSam17Graduate in reply to Jogunlikely

Very good question. I just think it’ll be another milestone for me to aim for and goals will keep me motivated


It's all down to practice. The more you run the better you'll get. Saying that, I graduated in June and have only once run 5k in less than 40 minutes (yes, you read that right, 40 minutes, nowhere near the fabled 30).

But I can run 10k, I can tackle any hill you throw at me, and I'm having fun! One day I will work on speed, probably by doing interval training.

Just concentrate on graduating and consolidating for now, but there are loads of plans out there for increasing speed. Take your pick, and enjoy!

SamSam17Graduate in reply to Tartancat

That’s amazing! I didn’t think about running longer without improving my time for 5k but this is another option.

For now, I’ll take everyone’s suggestions and finish the program and worry about speed/distance once I’m comfortable


If you look in the FAQ posts you will find this guide to post C25K running which will give you some pointers.

Well done on your progress.

SamSam17Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe


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