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What a clever Garmin - well sometimes, do you have problems getting signal?


This morning I went to change the time on my Garmin to summer time. Into menu trying to find the settings place, scrolled through and back out without finding it. But wow my clever Garmin had already changed itself, most impressed.

Went out of the front door and press button to get signal, started walking, 500M before it found one, do others find that they have the same problem? Should I stand still until I get the signal? (its a bit too chilly for that up here just now though)!?!

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I start my warm up walk and usually by the time I've finished that it has found the satellite signals. I don't start my watch until I start running. There is however one particular run I do and my Garmin has real problems getting a signal, so I think it just must be where you are.


It's a common complaint with a lot of GPS gadgets - and varies considerably. I don't have one specifically for running (yet!) but I tend to switch them on early to allow them plenty of time to pick up the satellites, rather than wait till I have started the activity.


Like morningglory, I usually find it takes nearly 5 minutes to get a signal - almost the length of my warm-up walk. Occasionally like today, it surprises me and it gets the signal immediately. So I dont quite understand how it works. I also find that it tends to take longer when its overcast or if I'm surrounded by houses.


When running from home I put mine on the bedroom windowsill and it gets the signal within a couple of minutes. My Garmin Oregon takes longer and I sit that outside on my wheelie bin for several minutes while I go to the shed to get my bike. When away from home and looking for a signal in a new place, it can take even longer.


Thanks guys for replies, will try putting it outside and starting it (hope nobody pinches it), had got to my running point this morning and still had to wait for a minute but at least the weather is getting warmer so not frozen while waiting, just hope nobody thought I looked suspicious while loitering!!!


Interesting about the Garmin Oregon - I took both today so I could use the map (on the Oregon), and have the stats on the watch - and the Oregon took quite a bit longer to get a signal. It also lost the signal later on, coming home on the motorway, when the Forerunner didn't.

swanscotGraduate in reply to greenlegs

Strangely my Oregon lost signal this afternoon too. First time that has happened. Do you think someone switched the satellite off? ;-) I was walking along a very minor road in a gorge at the time, but certainly didn't think I was hemmed in by rocks.

greenlegsGraduate in reply to swanscot

Mine might have been because it's battery was getting lowish perhaps. Or maybe the running gremlins have invaded the satellites!

I don't really know how the satellites work, but I've a feeling they need to be able to see several - perhaps the gorge meant one went out of sight?

Probably like bad runs - we'll never know why!


I've heard, but I don't know if it's true, that if the place it was used last is similar to next start position when it is switched on then it finds the signals easier (as it looks there first) but otherwise it can take a while.

Mine is generally ok and has found the satalittle by the end of warm up, but occasionally i have to mess with it and start it again to get it to work. But still love it :-)

LandesmanGraduate in reply to Hidden

Yes, the satellite data is stored from the previous time the device was used. Here's the official Garmin response - tinyurl.com/bqp4zjg

OldgirlGraduate in reply to Landesman

Thanks for this link Landesman, that has helped me understand and know why its sometimes slower than other times connecting.


We usually pickup a signal within our warmup walk time. I really don't fully understand the satellite thing, but its weird how ours work at times. Steve and I can be walking side by side and there will be several minutes difference of when our watches pickup a signal. Gayle


If I'm running near home it usually picks up the signal fairly quickly (but sometimes it just hangs and hangs).

I have learnt now, that if I go further afield eg on holiday, to put the Garmin outside to find the satellites before I actually want to use it. That way it usually picks them up quickly when I come to use it.

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