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What can you do when the Garmin looses it's signal?

I got a Garmin 10 for my birthday so was so looking forward to know exactly how far I run. So I press the button all ok but 1.25km into the run the distance freezes for more than about 1km but then starts back up again but I seem to have lost that 1km. I have worked this out as it says I did 4 laps of 6.22, 13.05, 6.57, 6.08 on what I know is a 5km route.

What can I do? The area where it lost the signal does have over hanging trees but I am surprised (and disappointed). Anyone else experienced this? Thank you

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I've never had this problem with mine although it quite often doesn't pick up the signal at all (I live in a built up area around a park so worst of all worlds). I notice, though that your second lap is around twice the time of the so is it possible that you do have the correct total time if not the distance? What does it show as the total distance covered? The only other thing to say is that my phone often seems to pick up the signal when the Garmin doesn't so I usually have both with me just in case - the Garmin is easier and more accurate (when it works) but the phone will provide a back up.


Thank you for reply - yes the time was working ok as I saw it going up while I was running while the distance was frozen -so it seems it's just the distance that is not right at the end of the run. I uploaded the run to garmin connect and I can clearly see on the map where it looses the signal and then picks it up as there is a straight line across houses from the two points- missing out about 1km!


Try a different route, see if that changes things, but as far as I can tell there's not much you can do. Annoyingly the note expensive versions don't even drop down to foot pods, even though they're quite accurate :-(


My Garmin Forerunner110 is sometimes very slow to get a connection, the secret is to stand still or if I have been walking slowly to retrace my steps, you could perhaps try that.

I run through a heavily tree lined forest track and have never lost the signal yet!! (Not saying it won't happen though)

Prior to buying my Garmin I used an iPod which was great, that is until I ran near a sub station or under pylons, it would not only lose the signal but would have me running over roof tops and across water (if only). Not sure if this is the same problem that yours has but might be worth checking out the area.

The other thing you may need to check is the software, is it up to date?

Happy running, hope you get it sorted, Garmin do have a very helpful Tech Team you can get in touch with if all else fails.


Thank you for your replies- I am going to try another route and see if it happens again. Hopefully it's just a glitch- the software is upto date and I didn't have any problems getting the signal when I started out and it did this really quickly!

The funny thing is that the run seemed much easier than normal as I was worrying about the garmin all the time!


My FR10 hasn't lost the signal at all in one year of about 3x weekly use. I'd try yours again on the same and different routes and see if they is any pattern to the problem.


Thanks everyone- did same route again with no loss of signal, it did take much longer to lock on to the satellites at start (while I stood in rain!) but after that all ok and I did my best time for 5km ever! I am so pleased :-)


Have you tried the latest update. I did about a week ago and it seems to lock on to satellites a lot quicker.

All the best.


Thank you - I have now used it 10+ and it seems to have no problems now! Much be a first time glitch!


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