What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Today I beat my 5k PB by 2.5 mins and that's made me feel very proud of myself. I couldn't wait to get back and share this with all you lovely peeps as you're are here for me in the good times and bad; always encouraging. I really do appreciate it!!!.

As you might have seen from my earlier blog I was off to do my local Parkrun and was very nervous (I'm quite a wuss I think). It was a gorgeous day, some sun and a little cloud every now and again. Well, I'm sitting here in disblief at the time I achieved...I can't believe it and haven't stopped smiling since I finished...well once I could breathe again.

My target today was to aim for 36 mins but anything faster than 36 min 40 secs would have been fanstatic as it would have showed I was imroving. Well my Garmin tells me I did it in 34 mins 5 sec.....thats 34 mins 5 secs!!! Wow Wow Wow....so chuffed!!!!! I now can't wait for the official results to be out!!!! During the run I knew I was going to beat 36 mins as the first 2kms were quite quick (for me) and as time went on I kept thinking I may get to 35 mins but 34 mins is just wow wow wow (I know I'm repeating myself but Wow)

Well I'm sure I've bored you all enough so will head for the shower...i think my smile will be on my face all day!!!!!!


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27 Replies

  • Fan bleedin tastic well done. 8-)

  • Thanks Greg!

  • That's great well done - I appear to have slowed down by about 3 minutes since graduating on Tuesday - will do better next week. :-)

  • Thanks Moley01...it has been a long time coming lol. I think that we all need to remember (myself included) that we won't get faster on each run but you see the difference over time. As well as speed it's about consistency. Now I've said that bit worried about next Park run lol

  • Official time through 34 mins and 1 second (faster than my garmin!). So that's 2 min 39 seconds better than last PB. Whoopppp

  • Well done. The more you run the faster you get!! Next target will be the elusive 30 minutes - it took me a few goes at Parkrun to achieve this, but I finally managed it and so will you!

  • That is definalty my goal Caz9....one day!

  • It's really inspirational to hear about graduates continuing to set goals and bust them, so thanks for that!

  • Graudation from c25k is just the start of our running journeys. It helps me to have something to aim towards :)

  • Oh AliB1 I am so pleased for you cos I know just how proud I felt last week, knocking over 2 minutes off your PB time is incredible, a real success story.

    Now you and I both have to work to get to 30 minutes, I think my dreams will have to keep me going for a long time though. WELL DONE YOU. :)

  • Thanks Oldgirl. We will both get to 30 mins it's just going to take a little time. We CAN do it!

  • Well done you, it's lovely to see graduates still getting out there and doing it.

  • Absolutely brilliant. Well done. Bet you are impatient for next saturday to arrive!

  • Unfortunaltey life gets in the way next week so won't make the parkrun but will be out on my own

  • Shame...but there's always another Saturday

  • That is wonderful, well done :-)

  • Way to go Ali!! That is fantastic!! You must be feeling great!

  • Bloody hell, that's amazing!! You've beaten my 35:24 now as well!!

    Well done to you :)

  • Really,really well done! Proud of you too :)

  • Smashing Ali - you've inspired me to get my skates on!

  • Thanks all. I'm still smiling! :)

  • What a fine achievement. It's amazing what a bit of pressure will help you achieve. We seem to go so long and it feels like we plateau with our achievements... then we go ad hard and it all comes together for a PB likes yours today. Wonderful!

    I had my own proud moment tonight, i did my longest run yet... 14k. Tired and happy now. ; )

  • wow that's amazing! 14K!!!!! Post Wednesday (and my first race) I'm going to re-evaluate what my new goals are going to be apart from continuing to aim for the elusive 5k in 30 mins.

    Are you training for any particular race?

  • Definitely good to have goals. Yes i recently did a 12k race and got by in 74 minutes. Currently training for a half marathon in September. I am doing a 14k City to Surf run through Sydney in August. The half is across the Harbour Bridge... pretty cool. I am in the process of getting a running coach to help with the preparation. I am doing 5k in about 28 minutes at the moment and 10k in 62 minutes. I graduated at the end of March... and still enjoying it!

  • Very very very impressive :)

  • Well done - that's amazing!! I chickened out of Parkrun yesterday as we had alot of rain and I was afraid it might be slippery running on grass. I am doing Race for Life on 22nd July so don't want to risk any injuries.

    This morning I ran 5k along the seafront near my home though! Unfortunately, I didn't time it, but at least I know I can run that far still :-)

  • Way to go! That is a huge improvement over your personal best. Congrats!

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