Garmin seems inaccurate so do I just use runkeeper? + Lemony Snicket - a series of unfortunate events -

Now my garmin uses a footpod attached to my trainiers that I have calibrated according to the instructions and various forums. Today it said I ran 9.3k in 53 minutes.

To track my route I use runkeeper on my S4, today I started them both at the same time (ish) and runkeeper said I only ran 7.8k in 53 minutes. I would imagine that the GPS on the phone is more accurate, so it seems I am not doing as well as I thought.

This does not mean I am giving up, but I do need to improve my stamina and stride.

I may sell the Garmin device and go for a GPS one instead - but

today, the bathroom loo seems to have been leaking (for some time) - so water through the ceiling, flooring up and when I went to open the main window to get it dry (only use the top bit normally) it was stuck so when I pushed it, the frame gave way and the glass broke. So it has been decided that we need a new bathroom suite. So much for the new Garmin.

Still, the phone does the trick and hopefully in the new few weeks i will reach my 10k goal.

I still love running though :-)


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13 Replies

  • I would say that if your Garmin uses a footpod it is very likely to be more inaccurate than a gps.

    There are good apps on the phones for running so i do not see why you should need a garmin apart from the convenience of having it on your wrist.

  • Thank you, I may just stick with my phone for now as it does make more sense rather than going out loaded up with more tech than is really needed.

  • Quick, tie your hair in the ribbon, and get thinking! (I love mr snickett)

  • My experience is the opposite. My Nike+ sensor is consistently within 1% of the Parkrun 5km where Endomondo (gps) fluctuates quite widely. From my reading, the gps we (the public) access is much less precise than the military system. This explains why, if you run out and back the same route, the gps trace doesn't fully overlap or why it can show you running in the field alongside a track ... or even in the next street. That said, I haven't used a Garmin gps other than in my car ... but my car one isn't totally accurate.

  • I think there's less divergence in accuracy now between public and miltary access - at least according to the commentary here ( ) - just an extra frequency and better correction.

  • The bit on that page aboout ionospheric correction still making military systems more accurate - could this be related to the deployment of an indepndent GPS capability by the EU? I don't know, but sounds like there could be a connection there.

  • I don't think the EU version is going that well - or adds that much to the US satellites, except independence.

    But I also have an Etrex 30 which uses signals from the Russian GPS satellites too (GLONASS) to get a quicker fix.

    "The new eTrex series is the first-ever consumer-grade receivers that can track both GPS and GLONASS satellites simultaneously. GLONASS is a system developed by the Russian Federation that will be fully operational in 2012. When using GLONASS satellites, the time it takes for the receiver to “lock on” to a position is (on average) approximately 20 percent faster than using GPS. And when using both GPS and GLONASS, the receiver has the ability to lock on to 24 more satellites than using GPS alone."

    It's getting crowded up there...

  • Interesting

  • I thought the footpod was mainly for use on a treadmill (where obviously GPS doesn't work). Does your Garmin not have GPS?

    Incidentally there's an article here about the accuracy of footpods ( ) and a tool to calibrate them.

  • just read the article, thank you it was very interesting. I will give it a go and see what happens.

  • Have you mapped your route on WalkJogRun? That might give you a clue. I find my phone and runkeeper to be very accurate.

  • I find runtastic on my S3 very good as well. I've double checked the distance in the car too (my car is digital and does a decimal point). Regardless I think you are doing great times and distance.

  • technical stuff is a modern day achilles heel, you are doing brilliantly, and you feel great....right? So just continue to enjoy the running ( I use a Nike running app for my iphone which works ok???), and just think you can soon run looking forward to a relaxing hot soak in your new bath!! Happy running this week, have a good one :)

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