Do I need a garmin?

I have just completed wk5 & feeling very pleased with my self .I don't know much about these garmin watches, I know they give you info on your runs etc.. I'm not up on stuff like this , would you get one if I have I phone with running apps on ? Haven't used apps yet coz I'm . Just concentrating on doing what Laura says and getting through it , but soon I want to see how fast I run & how far I go & all that stuff . I'm no good with maps or anything and understanding all this 5k stuff in certain times also whats all this bpm? Hope I don't sound really thick lol . Thanks for any advice.


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15 Replies

  • No, you don't "need" one to complete the programme. It depends what you want to do.

    If you just want to be able to run for 30 minutes, you just need a watch.

    If you want to stay setting personal bests every run, try an app for a bit. Then when the app annoys you because it randomly decided not to track your run, you can get a Garmin.

    (I wouldn't be without my Garmin 620)

  • You definitely don't need a garmin. The main benefit of them is small size and comfort. The apps on a phone will speak to you and you I like the way you can see graphs and maps of your run immediately after you stop with the phone apps rather than waiting to get the watch data on a computer. With the phone you can also listen to music: with the watch you'd need another device for that. It always amazes me that running, while incredibly cheap to get into, has so much expensive paraphernalia available. Having said all that, I do now run with a garmin and love it. Whether you run with a phone or Garmin, there is a danger you become a slave to pace and time. Sometimes it's good just to leave the gadgets at home and just run, thankful that I'm still able to do so.

  • A GPS watch (eg. Garmin) is useful if you want to see your pace / distance / time while you are running - it also records it for later analysis.

    Smartphone running apps (eg. Runkeeper) are useful if you want to record your running data and also hear verbal prompts about t/d/p while running. Difficult to view while running though.

    You don't _need_ either, but you may find the information interesting as you progress.

    bpm is beats per minute - explained here:

  • I use Runtastic and find it excellent - and it was free. I don't listen to the verbal prompts so turned those off and just check the stats/map etc when I get home - it links to my computer as well as displaying the info on my phone. I graduated some while ago and still alternate the C25K+ three podcasts. I'm 63 so I'm not intending running more than 5K.

    I looked at Garmin watches - saw the price and knew I couldn't afford one.

  • Thanks for all your advice , I think I would be wise to see how I progress . I've just put endomondo & run keeper on . Can this be on at same time as listening to podcast ? . Thanks .

  • Hiya, yep, I'm with the others on this one ... you don't actually NEED a Garmin to continue doing what you are clearly doing so successfully already! I guess I just love gadgets and I bought myself the Garmin Forerunner 110 when I graduated. It comes with a heart monitor .... so whilst it cant do music too, it can log your runs by satellite, tell you how fast/far you are going per km or mile, record how hard your heart is working and how long it takes to get back to normal rhythm after exertion ... and then when you are back from your run you can plug it into your pc and it will link you to a pretty little map which will show you properly where you have been and which bits were the hardest etc... as if you didn't already know! :D It's easy to wear on a wrist just like an ordinary watch ... and I just plod along with my MP3 player leads dangling from a pocket. As Landesman has already told you BPM is beats per minute - which (if you have a library full of sounds anyway) you might like to compile your own running lists to match the speed you are running (or hoping to run) at. Another good site where you can discover just what the BPMs are of hundreds of favourite tunes is Have a look at this site and scan those tunes which are right for your current pace... you may have some of them and can them put together your own playlist just for fun! Enjoy it all, and happy running through the rest of the programme. Cheers, Linda :)

  • I'm like you Linda like my gadgets , I've got I phone , I pod touch , kindles all that kind of stuff , I think I just like spending lol . I think when I graduate I will have one , but up to then I'll just keep on doing what I'm doing and treat my self later . They do sound good though .

  • BPM is beats per minute.- If you run to music, the faster the beats can help you run faster. (eg. Running to a ballard is not going to speed you up- lol)

    You definately do not 'need' a Garmin. Apps on your phone can certainly track your distance and some speed etc.

    I love my Garmin 210. It show the stats such as speed/pace, distance, heart rate, calories burned etc. I find it handy to time my intervals too.

  • Thanks for your replys most people rate them so def getting one as a graduation present to my self .

  • just got a garmin 210 and it took my ages to download the programs, register etc and then i have done a couple of runs and found i had put the heart moniter on too tight, wanted to have my heart rate straight away on watch but found i had to wait to download, havnt even downloaded todays run, but got it as a fun toy and an early christmas pressie to myself and am goign to use it to help get my speed up.

    love the comment about just running with nothing just you and nature if your not in the big cities - thats what i really love, its just i use the gadgets to support me to get better.

  • They sound good though , bet you will be fine once you get to grips with it . When I get one it will take me ages to work it out , but I usually get on wi gadgets once I've bonded with em lol .

  • Just wanted to say well done on completing week 5. :) Starting week 6 today so I guess we're at the same stage.

  • Good luck with it , I'm starting wk 6 thurs. Having extra rest day , my ankle feels funny. It was my knees before there ok now , it's my ankle .

  • No, no, no, no, no, no, no, don't. The simpler you keep your running the better.

    That's my view anyway.

  • Just to add another viewpoint, as there are other options...

    I still run with my iPhone and use the iSmoothRun app to track myself, I bought a Pebble watch that displays my pace, time and distance from my phone.

    It's a bit of a geek way of doing it but was another way to continue running with my phone which I also have a heart rate monitor synced to.

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