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Just 1 behind the Broch Scotties in the 5X50 Challenge!

Just logged on my inaugural activity and I see Team C25K now number 57- just 1 behind the Broch Scotties at 58.

Apparently you can still register today so come on- 2 more and we will be the second largest team. First placed team have over 200 so we'll save that goal to next year!

Did a cycle run today as I did Parkrun yesterday. Ages since i have been out on my bike and the roads were empty today so enjoyed it. I reckon it will be my fallback activity when I can't squeeze in a run or walk.

Hope everyone else got out today

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I had a lovely run on my bike today too, avensis! It was sunny and bright with a biting south easterly wind. I'll try a run tomorrow I think!


I had a great 5k run in the sunshine and 3° here in Paris. I've just come back after a nasty chest cold which stopped me running for a month. One week of running and I feel almost back to my former form. This 5x50 challenge is a brilliant way to keeping going and getting me ready for a 10k race at the end of the month.

One down.....


I quite like the number 57 - sums up our variety I think! ;)

All shapes, sizes, ages and nationalities!


10,32,57,58 or 200...we rock and we are the coolest team!!!! 5K run this morning and a 5K walk this afternoon to burn off some of the Easter indulgences. Gayle


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