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Cold Weather and Asthma - anyone else having problems?


Have had asthma and a chest infection since January - the cold weather is a pain for anyone who suffers asthma but this year has been the worst ever for me. I've been power walking for 3 years now with really good speeds achieved but took the C25 challenge up mid January as I needed to up my game a notch. Had got up to week 4 but have had to stop on Docs advice. Decided to go back to the beginning so had a go at week / run 1 today but had to stop 3/4 of the way through as breathing was really laboured. I feel a bit pee'd off but I know I can do it and when the warmer weather comes back (or should that say IF !) I will start over. In the meantime I will keep on with the walking and yoga. Any other asthma sufferers experiencing similar problems?

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Hi Blackers I'm asthmatic and struggle in the cold weather. I use both inhalers before I go out (when I remember them which I didn't to my cost this morning) also take my blue one for back up if I need it. I run first thing in the day about 8.00am in winter and as early as 6.30 in the summer. I bought a buff at the start of this winter and it really helped if I covered my nose and mouth for the first 15 minutes until my tubes had got used to the cold air. I then slid it down around my neck which was great for keeping out the cold too.

I know some people just don't and can't get to grips with the bitter cold air in the winter months and refrain from outdoor running and take to a treadmill, some stop running and power walk like you have been doing. Both will help to maintain the fitness already achieved. I wish you luck and with luck at least the better days are ahead of us for you to try again.

One thing I have found is not to run too fast too soon but build up to a steady speed that way your breathing will be easier it will also help you to relax into a comfortable stride. Goo dluck and I hope this will have helped a bit.


I too am asthmatic and the cold air really troubles me. I make sure I take my inhaler before I start and start off slow. It takes me about ten minutes or so of running to get my breathing under control, then I can increase my speed. I also stick to the treadmill in the garage as the cold air ain't quite as bad out there


I don't have asthma but I really don't like this very cold weather. My muscles never seem to warm up and I find myself walking quite a lot. Roll on Spring - surely it must be just over the horizon? :)


I'm not an asthmatic - but I've really struggled after a nasty virus and bronchitis which have ended up with me having both types of inhalers! What really helps me is going out with my head and face covered - one of those tubular buffy type things with a bit of it over my mouth.

Even once I'm hot enough to uncover my head - i often keep it up round my mouth - so the air going in is a bit warmer. And on days when it's so cold a slight incline tipped me over the edge I would just walk for a minute then keep going.

I'm now better - but it's given me renewed admiration for any asthmatic who manages to get out there. Spring is on the way so don't give up :)

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Ah never had bronchitis but I have asthma so for that time you can understand what it's like for asthmatics


My asthma has been well under control for ages, no need to take puffers - until this cold weather when I'm having to take salbutamol in the night, let alone when running. I take two puffs before my run and take the inhaler with me for a top up puff half way. That seems to do the trick.


Yeah i now this cold weather is not doing my asthma any good

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