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anyone else having problems with Endomondo?

I've been using Endomondo on my HTC Wildlife android phone. (If none of that made sense to you I'd stop reading now!) Last few times it hasn't even tracked me out of the garden. In the past I found that as long as I had a decent GPS connection to start with it would track for the rest of the run but seems to be playing up.

I have had my phone in the pocket of a Hilly hi-viz gilet instead of my shorts but I wouldn't have thought that made a differnece.

Anyone else having problems?

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I use Endomondo and just lately it keeps losing the satelite signal so I get strange stats at the end of the run. I dont know if its a problem with Endo or just satellites in general. It has done this before but seemed to sort itself out - will try it again later this week .


I went for a run on Tuesday evening & didn't realise it hadn't located any satellites so managed to run 0.00 in 32.43 ~ I knew I wasn't quick, but even so....!!

The few times I've put it on since then it just says 'locating', so Endomondo is clearly having issues....


Probabley all that thick cloud cover that brought all the rain down. I had problems with GPS in my car....


Lost signal twice last night and with t a chunk ofmy route. It bought my distance down amd with it my average speed (lost up to 1 kph think). Never happened before.


Sorry about fat fingers on small keyboard in last post!


Oh YES Endomondo usually plays me up on my country lane route by losing half of it (not always the same half) but the other day I did my residential route so GPS should have been fine bit apparently I did 0.00 miles in 30 mins! Well it felt tough but not that tough! I'm on android too.


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