Cold weather anyone struggling with the first 10 minutes

I am regulalry running 4 to 6 miles 3 times a week but since the onset of the colder weather I am really finding the first 10 minutes hard with my breathing. After 10 mins warm up I'm fine but those first ten minutes are a killer. I'm not doing anything different to normal and i don't have any health issues. Any suggestions or is it a case of work through it? Funny thing is I started the programme last December and don't remember any problems then.

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  • Always find the first 10-15 mins the hardest whatever the weather. Do as a slow jog and count as your warm up that might help.

  • I am finding it harder...glad its not just me :D

  • I always find the first 10-15 minutes more difficult and just take it really gently, knowing it will get better soon !

    If it is breathing the cold air that's a problem, try wearing a "Buff" or similar neck tube, pull it up over your mouth to start with to take the edge off the cold until you get used to it (I read that in a running mag so can't take credit for the tip ;-) )

  • It is rightly known as the Toxic Ten! All the advice given here is very sound and will see you through to the 11th minutes and beyond. I hate those initial 10 minutes of feelish rubbish and struggling with my breathing.

  • I am so pleased to hear I am not the only one experiencing this problem.I had to stop 5 minutes into my last 2 runs as I just couldn't breathe properly.I then really struggled and seriously talked to myself that I could breathe and needed to continue.It did pass after 10 mins thank goodness but my overall time was slower because of it.

  • Last year was one of the warmest winters on record for over 100 years (I work for a company that makes soup). That probably explains why you had no problem last year!

  • Like AliB1, i find the first 10 minutes or so tough. I'm forever stopping after 10 minutes or so for a breather but when I've warmed up, I can run for near enough half hour non-stop but it's that initial warm up that's a killer!

    Take it easy, nice and slow and warm up gently to get to pace.

  • Thanks everyone, went out last night and did the speed podcast, that busy concentrating on 1234 forgot all about any breathing problems :-)

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