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Perfect Weather, Bad Cold

well, if there hasn't been everything against me trying to run this last week.

The spirit's been more than willing, the weather's perfect for running, sunny and dry but a little bit cold. i want to run, I'm desperate to run, I'm dreaming about putting on my running kit and getting out into this glorious cold weather with Zombies,Run! and my music moving me along.

Unfortunately, the body is a disgusting, germ-ridden, worn out wreck that's falling asleep at the drop of a hat right now. I even had to call in sick from work for two days due to being struck down with a Violent Coughing version of the Dreaded Lurgy, I've missed a lot of sleep due being kept awake as my body tried to see if my lungs would look good on the outside of my ribcage and tried to expel them out through the lungs (Mr Psycho lost a lot of sleep too, mostly through kindly rubbing my back until the coughing stopped)

I know my health is important and I need to wait until the lurgy is completely gone before I run again but *points outside* that's perfect running weather!

*pulls duvet over head* see ya when the Lurgy's gone. Run for me!

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Aaah poor you😧..

Rest, rest and rest.

((Vurtual hug and xx))😚


Stay under the duvet, you are being a star keeping the lurgy isolated from the rest of us. So when you do go out, we will all thank you by running with you virtually, because you kept us safe from that lurgy


Bonus points for being really sensible... the runs will wait until you feel much better:)

Feel better soon.. and what a super Mr Psycho :)


Well, we can go running again together. I am on rest too due to painful joints & ligaments. It's better to listen to your body than get out there before you're completely healed. xx


Get well soon Mrs P


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