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I have found the positive (I think)

I tried intervals on the c25k+ podcast earlier, did half and ran out of steam and stopped (see a couple of posts lower) I ran just over a mile in 9.09 mins. I was a bit miffed that I only did half so had a break, drank some water and decided to go out and do at least another 2 miles, so I had at least done 3 altogether. Still with it? Good

I was suprised to find when I downloaded the info from my trusty garmin, that my pace over the 2 miles was pretty good (for me) at 10.14 min/miles.

Having done some maths to try and find the positive from all this, I worked out that my 3 miles added together was done in 29.36 mins! My aim for the last few runs has been to try and break the 3 mile/30 min barrier, now I know there was a break of about 10 mns in between so I doesn't really count. But it is my positive and I am having it! So there.

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Sounds good to me!! Well done! :-D I'm still dreaming of getting anywhere near the 30min 5K - only just broken 35 minutes...


All you graduates and your calculations... is that what we'll all end up doing? Help! I simply HATE maths!

Liked your positive, however. :-)


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