Looping the intervals, so near and yet so far from that 5K PB!

Well! After spending a while a couple of nights ago with Wavepad and looping my HIIT 22 min interval session so that I get three fast sessions back to back and a warm up/cool down, I went out tonight to try my best to use this as a tool to get under the 27 min barrier which has been taunting me for months.

The lowest I have managed till today and this was pre my last knee injury, has been 27.30. Today I did my five minute half mile warm up, then started the Garmin timer on the fast interval sections (3 looped back to back = roughly 36 mins). Oh, it was hard work! The pyramid intervals peak at 200bpm (that means 200 strides a minute!!). Last Friday I only did the basic 22 minute entire podcast, and ended with a couple of miles at my own usual pace - today I was trying to get through the fast section between 2 and 3 times!

I deliberately chose a flattish route, no sense in making things hard for myself by doing the usual hills!

Anyway, I got through it twice = 24 minutes, and then the third loop started, and just as the second fast interval finished 194bpm, I checked the Garmin and realised that I couldn't slow down for the rest part because I was nearly at 5k and it was looking quite good for the PB. On I ran down the slight incline past the pub and kept checking and checking as the tenths of miles ticked off and the seconds passed.

And there it was, the 3.01 miles/5k.

I slowed up a bit and did another half mile to home.

So near, and yet not quite. connect.garmin.com/activity...

I'll get before 2013, I swear lol.



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7 Replies

  • Wow Carol thats pretty impressive, you are really flying. I'm loving all the info you get from your Garmin its brilliant. Keep up the good work I can see you breaking the 27 barrier by November never mind next year, good luck.

  • A great PB, well done. 26.59 or lower next time!

  • That's the plan AliB1! Fingers crossed huh?


  • Well done!

    What podcasts/download do you listen to for the HIIT training? I'd like to push myself a bit further too, so looking for some recommendations. I tired the C25K+ speed podcast on here but looking for some other options too.

  • Hi redsheep,

    I am using this: audiofuel.co.uk/running-mus...

    It is the fastest/hardest one of the Interval Pyramid Training downloads, third along on this page:


    There are loads on there though. I've also tried the Adrenaline Junkie and the Chrissie Wellington downloads.


  • Wow, 200bpm!! Very impressive indeed. Thanks for the link. I tried the stepping stones podcast last night and enjoyed that so in a few weeks I might move onto some of these, although a lower intensity one:)

  • Great work Carole... Big things to come I'm sure

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