Done it! W9r3

Done it! W9r3

It's done! I went out early and returned to my local park where it all started as I'm very sentimental. I made up my own playlist this time which was very eclectic and has absolutely nothing to do with the appropriate beats per minute but it's good fun running to the Proclaimers 500 miles and Kirsty MacColl 'in these shoes?'

I had the park almost to myself and I got quite nostalgic for the early runs when I struggled so hard and completing every session left me on such a high. I ran round and round and then it was all done. I've done it....I had thought I would come up against a week when I would realise that was me done but, no the programme works, just like everyone who went before me said.

Blood, Sweat & Tears 'You've made me so very happy' came on right at the end of the warm down walk. Says it all. Yippee!,


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  • Not sure why a cat has appeared there!

  • Oh what a super post. Tears in my eyes reading it and just loved the idea of you running to "In these shoes?" Brilliant lyrics... 8-)

    Congratulations GRADUATE!

  • Thank you! Realise I should proof read and use commas appropriately but I'll blame it on a running high. Don't know whether I should try to increase time or work on speed. Although I've done the 30 minutes bit (yes, yes, yes!) I'm well adrift of 5 k. Something new to work towards.

  • Well done! Great work :)

    And keep at it, I'm sure the 5K will come soon!!

  • Well done - it's a great feeling isn't it? I didn't run 5k in 30 mins when I first graduated, but carried on and can now do 5k in about 26 mins (25 if it's downhill with a tailwind!). You have a goal to aim for, but for now celebrate your success!

  • Fantastic! Welcome to the Grad Club and enjoy celebrating your achievement with a few choccy eggs and something sparkly later on! :)


  • I will!

  • Congratulations!

  • Congrats to you too! You finished yesterday, didn't you?

  • Congratulations! A long slog, but well worth it. :) Send a message to nhs editor (look in the 'directory' under 'admin' for your badge.

    You can speed up when you're ready - or just enjoy doing 30 minutes for a while. (I couldn't resist seeing whether I could get to 5k, which I did, but it was pretty slow and pretty tiring, and then I overdid it a bit trying to repeat it faster - wiser to go a bit gentler, but who is wise?!) I'm still slow, but ever so much more stamina than before I started. :)

    Well done! Lovely cat too.

  • Well done :-) a good day for both of us x I too did my last run today. Xx happy graduation day x

  • Congratulations!! 2 more runs for me til I graduate.Its so inspiring reading the blogs of those who have completed C25K!!

  • Congratulations!!!

  • Congratulations on your graduation :)

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