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I can't wait for the next run!!

I did R1 W1 today.

It's been a very long time since I've done any running, so I was quite nervous.

I was completely out of breath for the whole session and only managed about 50 seconds on the last three runs. I was feeling rather demotivated and couldn't see how I'd ever get fitter (or even finish week 1) until I came onto here and was lifted by how happy and supportive everyone was. I'm now really looking forward to my second run (So much so I want to go out and do it now!). Thank you all ever so much for the support that is shared between you all. It's the most wonderful feeling. If I'm ever debating whether or not to go out I know where to come to! x

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Welcome and well done on starting your C25K journey. :-)

Watch out: this blog gets quite addictive! And you're right, RiverOwl, it's a great motivational tool.


Welcome RiverOwl! You are definitely at the right place for motivation and encouragement and very well done for taking the first step of your running journey! It will get easier and just take it at your own pace and you will be fine.

As con-brio says this forum does get does the running, which you already seem to be experiencing!! :)



Well done! You've already got the hardest moment over with... :)

Please keep us posted on your progress!

I also love this blog :D


Well done RiverOwl. I know it is hard to start with but stick with it and in a couple weeks you won't believe the progress you've made. :-)


Hi RiverOwl; well done for starting - I'm amazed that I ran week 4 today, stick with it, it's not easy, but you will get fitter - even in 4 weeks, I can cycle much further and at greater intensity on my exercise bike than I have ever been able to do - it definitely works.


Well done. I have just started week 5 - I hadn't done much running since school days and was very unfit. However it's amazing to think that 4 or 5 weeks ago I would have struggled with one minute of running but now I can manage 5 minutes. Keep at it and you'll see gradual improvements each week. Good luck :)


I've not long got home after completed the third of week one's runs! I'm on top of the world - on Monday (day one) I really struggled to manage just four of the minute runs, the other four runs were only about twenty seconds each before I had to stop before I collapsed!

Today though, I managed seven full minute runs! I am stunned at how much I've enjoyed the first week and I'm already seeing improvements!

Stick at it, this is one of the best things I've ever done - looking forward to seeing how you get on next time! :D


Thank you all!


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