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"You Can't Run Away From Your Problems"

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Errrm... Yes you can. You can run away from SOME of your problems 😂

That's how I felt today anyway.

When I was running I thought about all of the things that have changed for the better with my thinking and my mental health.

For over 15 years now, I have had terrible anxiety and regular panic attacks.

I developed an aversion to exercise because I was convinced that I couldn't do it, because I had experienced anxiety and palpitations I couldn't stand the thought of my heart racing.

Today while I was running, I laughed to myself as I thought about the absurdity of this.

What's worse for my heart?

A lifetime of stress, anxiety and panic attacks, or exercise???

😂 😂 😂

How mad is that question.

We all know which one is worse.

That's the nature of being under the grips of an unwell mind though, your ability to reason with reality is compromised.

Every run I have done so far as proved to me that I have been using my negative bias towards exercise as justification to underestimate myself and hold myself back from a healthy lifestyle.

It's classic self sabotage.

I feel that I have well and truly outrun that problem.

So yes, you can run away from SOME problems 😂 🙈

Side note - Today's run was great. It wasn't easy, I did the usual wanting to stop and wondering why the hell I'm doing this for the first 10 minutes. But as soon as Jo said in my ear that 20 minutes was up, I was amazed, it went so quickly.

I did the best sprint of my life today too. For that last 60seconds I felt like I was flying.

My legs are going the fastest I've ever gone but my breaths were long, slow, and relaxed.

Best feeling ever.

I nearly cried at the end but stopped myself because I'm a savage hardnut with no tearducts.

12 Replies
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This is so beautiful and encouraging and heartwarming! Go you! And yes I am (and I’m sure many here are) so with you on this: here’s to running from the problems we can run from, and to discovering they’re more than we even realised!

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I cried after my 20 minute run 😂

Great run... through the toxic 10 and then into the good stuff.

You’re absolutely right about what’s worse for the heart. Which also proves your comment in the ability to reason being compromised previously... you’re certainly doing some good thinking now.

The Nike coach refers to running as flying... there’s a guided run “comeback run” I think... where he says it’s a tough day when your feet don’t leave the ground and you don’t fly. You did some mighty fine flying in that sprint finish.

I did a double take at the photo... at first I figured Doozers beard grows really quickly 😂

Enjoy that next run, you got this now

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Yes.. right.... you are not savage at all... maybe a hard-nut...but that's good:)

Wonderful, wonderful post.... wonderful wonderful you!

We are able to outrun some of our issues... I can outrun my Black Dog now.... but there is a time too.. when we stop.. turn around and face the enemy... and say... This time.. I see you... I know you...and I am leaving you behind... and like you did today.... laugh out loud:)

Brilliant... and because I am not a savage hard-nut, I looked at your face and your smile....read your post and I did cry :)

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I would suggest that learning to run with C25k, especially with the support of this forum, is one of the most empowering things that many people can do for themselves.

For me, positivity blossomed in my life, not from a low base, but significant enough for me to realise that so much is in my control and that, as you say, we self limit our own achievements purely by lack of self belief.

C25k is an amazing journey. You are doing great and it is wonderful to share that journey.............that is why I am still here, over five years after completing the plan.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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That’s so encouraging and wonderful to read BirdyRose. Running is good for my soul too and has helped keep me just a little more balanced in this mad world of ours. Happy running lovely you. You are doing brilliantly. 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️😊

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Wooohooo! Good for you! 😃 Great post & I love your photo- you have absolutely captured “running, enjoying & feeling alive”. 😀

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Yo ! You go girl ! So proud of you and that kick ass spirit. So what if the waters come too high sometimes ? You know how to keep yourself afloat - just get out there and run those feelings out of your system. So proud of you x

ktsok profile image

Ah that’s great to hear Birdy. Real life changing and life enhancing stuff. Nothing wrong with a few tears 😊

Fabulous450 profile image

Aah such a great uplifting post BirdyRose! So happy for you! Well done!! 🤩🤩❤️

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What an inspiring and uplifting post! I love your thinking and your honesty. xx

lexi6 profile image

BirdyRose wonderful post. You have such a gift, in fact you are a gift, thank you for sharing it with us. X

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Another great post BirdyRose ! It always amazes me how great I feel after a run, even when getting out the door is so hard sometimes. You're doing great in the programme and I see another addicted runner emerging quickly in you 😁. How great is that?

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