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Can't wait for the next run!


Finished W5R1 yesterday evening. With my music and Zombie Run apps, I didn't hear her tell me to walk after the first 5 minutes. I did hear her tell me to start running again. I walked for 2 and then continued the program. I felt so good at the end, I jogged an additional 5 minutes for the cool down and then walked another 5. I am sad I have to wait a day in between but am looking forward to the next run tomorrow. I can't wait to finally run my first ever 5K next month!

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Good job... get some distracting cross training in and enjoy the next run.


Well done.. Slow and steady and strength and stamina exercises on rest days:)


What are Zombie Run apps? 🙃

kwell39Graduate in reply to Gran4z

There is an app called Zombies, Run! that is quite a bit of fun. It has story lines, tracks your run and you can get chased by Zombies. It makes my run into a game and integrates with my music, as well as my other running apps.


Sounds fun! Will look for it, and download. My grand daughter plays Minecraft, and is into Zombies in a big way. I think she would approve 😳🙂 And zombies chasing me might help me run a tad faster!! 😂

Yea I saw that app and think it’s a great idea to hear zombies 🧟‍♀️ grunting, growling and howling at you while you run 🏃🏻‍♂️ great motivation and idea 🧟‍♂️;- for my zombie fix there are the national zombie 5k runs with an inflatable assault course, I did it a few years back with some mates and it was a lot of fun,


That sounds terrific!

Runningnut in reply to kwell39

I think it’s terribly good fun...

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