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Genius loci - the spirit of the place

I was in Bristol for work and an evening event, staying at the Avon Gorge Hotel. I've been there before and it's in a prime position up from the Clifton Suspension Bridge. I reckoned I had just enough time between checking in and having to go to the event to go for a run. I did swither (Scots word! - to be uncertain about what to do) about going out at all not least because there were flakes of snow blowing in the wind again but I was drawn to the iconic location. Undaunted I headed out, up the hill and on to the bridge.

Running across the bridge was literally awesome. It was that lovely time of dusk where the lights are coming on but there's still some daylight. I ran out along the city side and crossed to come back along the gorge side. I saw about half a dozen other runners too.

It wasn't all that far and unlike the Forth Bridge, more or less flat. I then did a loop round the neighbouring park and back to the hotel. Overall I was only out for about 15minutes and only covered 2k but it felt wonderful.

[BTW if you have stayed in the Avon Gorge Hotel some time ago, you might like to know they have been upgrading the rooms and they are much nicer. The 80s faut bamboo and avocado suites have been replaced!]

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Wow - sounds great! I just love running in new places & can picture the scene. Very jealous. Maybe one to add to my "must do before I

(sound of body falling lifeless to floor)

Oh dear ... there goes my awful sense of humour again (:->)


That sounds really lovely. Made me feel as though I'd been there - ahhh! :)


That's good to know! I stayed there about 10 years ago and it wasn't great!

Sounds like a good run :)


That sounds lovely. I saw a New Year in on the bridge once (alas it was very foggy) I could tell you lots of second hand anecdotes about the other side of the bridge of a less happy sort as my father used to have responsibility for that side and often used to say that he was tempted to put up a sign saying "If you really, really must jump, please to do it at the Bristol end"


Sounds absolutely lovely!


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