I loved some of the ideas that you thought were coming today, I might have to see if we can do any of them.

Here is the news........

It is with great excitement we can reveal that our little forum family is getting bigger. Earlier this year we added in:-

Bridge to 10km

Marathon and event running

Now we are adding in NHS Stregnth and Flex.


This is another great program with Laura that helps to keep your muscles and joints strong and subtle and it really compliments the C25K.

The program is not new and I know some of you have done it and it would be great to have your input within the forum to help others get that basis for starting the proper routine that you got from it.

The new thing is that I, along with Poppypug and Ju-Ju will be the new admins so we are looking to Inject some life into it.

We have noticed recently that there is a bit of injury coming when the transition to bridge to10km happens and we asked Healthunlocked to help us find something to help all of us. They kindly reminded us that the NHS had thought of that with the Stregnth and flex and then suggested we took it under our wing.

There is a graduations badge to be had after a 5 week period. It can be done while you do the C25K, they compliment each other brilliantly. There will be non runners on the forum as well but we will all be doing the same program.

Then you can keep going with the week 5 workouts or when you graduate from C25K and go to the bridge to10km you can progress further.

You can follow the new forum here healthunlocked.com/strength...

I hope you are as excited as we all our about our newest addition to our family.

As always wishing you a happy healthy week.

Rfc X.

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  • Excellent! I must give that a whirl. I like the idea of being strong and flexible. :)

  • Yeay... I love Strength and Flex.. did it on my rest days when I did C25K.. using it now to help the ribs heal and keep myself strong!

    Thanks RFCx

  • I am going to take this on as my post Christmas quest! Still doing my glute challenge and knee strengthening at the mo though!

  • Just for info... I've added these podcasts to the others that I'm sharing as not everyone (incl me) has an iTunes account and may prefer to just download the MP3's. :-)


  • AndyD thats great news thank you so much for your help.

  • Excellent news! I shall add this to my routine when I am able! Thank you all for organising and being such great administrators! We all really appreciate your efforts. πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ‹πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Great, having all my friends on the forum will spur me on to do these exercises again. I was a bit lonely when I did my five weeks in July/August, but I did keep on posting my progress .

  • What great timing - I'm just on week 1!

  • Very exciting! Well done you three and thanks for all your hard work managing the forum. A lot of us wouldn't be running without it! xxx

  • This is great and I think it will compliment the C25k programme perfectly .

    Lets all get strengthening and flexing ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Rfc, will take a look.xx

  • Excellent, I'll give it a go. I managed to hurt my back after a 10k on Sunday and think strengthening my core would help prevent that again - hopefully ?

  • Wonderful idea. Thank you guys for thinking about it. I have been sort of doing it on and off, more off than on. I think I may get it back and work on it. You more or less are giving me the initiative to do so. πŸ‘

  • Mind you, I would have been just as happy if C25K had decided as a surprise to have a get together Xmas party with free travel to get there and accommodation. Never mind.... next time....😹

  • Great development... wanted to finish c25k before committing to more exercise days. Due to finish in a week or so segues nicely. Been stretching after each c25k run and I'm sure it's made a difference to me. Building strength next will be good as I want to run further. Cheers :-)

  • Maybe put this in the pinned posts Realfoodieclub so its easy to find the link.

    Do you actually go for a walk outside to do it or can you walk on the spot inside? lm going to have a look on my pc later so I can watch the videos etc. and download to my mp3.

  • I have pinned the post now. I think I am going to be doing a combination of both. Indoors and out, the pull ups are the ones I working out how to do them indoors but I'm a sure there is a way.

  • Brilliant, this works out so nicely for me. I started with both programs together but didnt seem to be getting enough leg rest so focused on c25k.

    On week 7 so ive been working a graduation plan and i was thinking of going through the c25k plan again from the beginning (and hopefully improving on the speeds and distances i managed this time round) and completing stregth and flex on my rest days. Should be fun 😊

  • Only just found this post! Sounds good - I did look into some of the exercises but focused on the running. Will it be a new year quest?

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