A week of no running - but definitely not inactive!!

A week of no running - but definitely not inactive!!

Having re-run week 5, I went on holiday for a week. I did take my running things, but we travel around on our holidays and I just didn't manage to fit in any running. I was by no means inactive, though. As well as lots of gentle walking (Sherborne, Wells and Worcester), there was also some more strenuous activity. We walked Ebbor Gorge (near Cheddar) including scrambling/climbing up the rocks in the photo, explored Black Rock (at the top end of Cheddar Gorge - you can see the rock in the photo taken from the top of the gorge which we climbed after walking along the path also seen in the photo), and I climbed the 250+ steps to the top of the cathedral tower in Worcester! The fourth photo is just one of the lovely sunsets we saw!!

Anyway - back now, and went out to continue my re--runs this morning - week 6 run 1. Not easy, but done! Onwards we go!!


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10 Replies

  • Every runner needs to learn that a short break from running is more likely going to have them refreshed and eager on return, rather than having lost condition.

    A week's break from running every few months is good practice.

    Well done on beating the Hobbler........W6R1 catches a lot of people out!

  • Funnily enough, last time I did it, I had also had a couple of weeks off due to illness!! So maybe that's my secret?!

    I kniw I can do week 6 run 2 as I have done this a number of times over the summer, but this time I backtracked further as I want to build back up to 30 minutes running :)

  • Well....we're all diff'rent, but I've recently had 2 separate week-long breaks, and it took me at least a week both times to get back in the swing (i.e. I stopped at about 20 mins, nothing left in the legs, completely done in). My (super-fit) son agrees with you, IT, that you can't lose fitness after just a week, so maybe I caved in cos I EXPECTED to (mind games). Or maybe cos I'm getting long in the tooth...or both😉.

    Anyway, back on it now and determined to stick with it as I didn't like not completing the task - trying to get to 5k. Think I'll volunteer at a Park Run this weekend for extra inspiration. My sis-in-law did it recently when she couldn't run and she said she was in tears numerous times to see the effort people were putting in.

  • Definitely volunteer - I was tail walker a few weeks ago and walked the whole way with a lovely lady who was walking her first 5k as part of her physio rehab. It was very rewarding!!

  • I will - probably too late for this week, but in good time for next. Hopefully I'll be out there with them soon, so it's only fair to give, too. 🙂

  • Wow... you need a holiday to recover from your holiday!!! Brilliant photographs too!

    Back to it now and you did it! Slow and steady does it :)

  • I'm not someone who can sit still when on holiday, just too much to explore!!!

  • Me likewise :)

  • I love travel, in fact I am a member of a Travel club, we travel 5-Star at 2 star rates...I would definitely consider your holiday activities an enhancement of the CT5K :) Keep going and thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos with us :) <3

  • You're welcome! I love taking photos, and I love sharing them with people :)

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