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Week 6 run 3 completed

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Hey another first time blogger here! I have been lurking in the background reading all your brillant blogs and drawing confidence and inspiration from them! I don't think I would have got this far without it.. Thank you all sooo much. 13 weeks ago I was a smoker and couldn't have run for 30 seconds! Now I've been a non smoker for 85 days and this evening I have completed wk 6 r3. I can't say it was easy but I kept going and I did it. I ran for a whole 25 minutes!!! I still can't believe it... I lost my running partner (hubby) 2 weeks ago due to a knee injury so I've had to adjust to doing it alone.. Started running along a new route and on the way I pass a field, where most days there is a herd of deer grazing. The first day I nearly fell over in shock but now they have become my favourite part of my runs! I'm sure they're cheering me on! Or laughing! Not sure which, but on every run they look up and watch me run past. I have imagine them saying " there goes that mad red faced woman again" Anyway I am now a non smoker and according to Laura I am now also officially a runner :-) yippee!!!! Wk 7 here I come!!!!

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wow, congratulations, you must be very proud and rightly so. You must be feeling great. I am due to do mine tomorrow and can not say I am relishing the thought.

Well done to you :-)

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Fantastic! It took me years to quit and then 4 years before I got here to try running. Well done you for not wasting that amount of time.

Not sure what the deer might be thinking...as long as you're not thinking 'venison'.

Well done.It just gets better.

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Thank you alcopop! It does feel good.. Good luck tomorrow, you will be fine. You've already conquered the big one last wk... slow & steady like everyone keeps saying! X

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Congratulation on both accounts both tough and both brilliant achievements.

Good luck with week 7. :-)

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It's taken me years to quit as well sadiekit and I have many failed attempts behind me so this

time I'm determined to do it differently! C25k is a massive part of that for me.

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From one recent quitter (Xmas Eve 2012) to another, WELL DONE! :-)

C25K is the way to go!!! Welcome to week 7.

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Welcome and Congrats on the achievements, I wish I could proudly say I am a quitter, would sure make running easier :-)

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con-brioGraduate in reply to wiggles

Why not go for it then? In your own time, of course. You know you can count on our support. :-)

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Congratulations. From an ex-very heavy smoker, I am very happy to assure you (if you need any assurance) that it does get easier. Wish I'd done this at the same time as I gave up - ended up putting on nearly 2 stone at the time :(

Sounds like you're doing great though :)

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Congratulations to you all for both quitting the habit and starting/completing the c25k! I am also an ex smoker gave up in oct 2012... But was finding that I was having a cigarette when I was having a drink (alcohol) ...... Then I found I was having a drink to have a cigarette ...... Even in weeks 2/3 of the programme and then I read Allen carrs the easy way !! and this has absolutely changed my attitude I am a non smoker and I have picked up a new obsession - running and am so glad I have, my only regret is not starting this program in oct would of saved me the few months of touring myself after having those sneaky cigarettes!

Now my goals are to get active and get fit to set a good example for my son. He is 2, now he asks me if I'm going out exercising instead of going for "fresh air".

This is the best feeling of all! :-)

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