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C25K Week 8 Runs 1 and 2


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Monday. Week 8 Run 1. Man, I did not want to go out there. So, so cold. But I did it. 28 minutes all completed and I tried to push myself for the last 60 seconds which I did successfully. Took me a while to recover though, even after the 5 minute brisk walk I was still a little bit huffy puffy but felt ok.

Tuesday. Walked 2km to my daughters' school and everything hurt. Calf muscles were tight and I had a pain at the top of my left inner thigh and up into my pelvic area that's still there now :-( My legs were so numb from the cold that they were painful.

Wednesday. Sun was out, was feeling positive and had a slightly new route worked out. 5 minutes in though and I was struggling, knew this was just not going to be my day. Made it halfway although I don't know how. I could hardly lift my feet off the floor and stumbled a couple of times. Breathing was hard and once I turned for home the wind was against me - AGAIN!! (No matter where I run or in what direction the wind is ALWAYS in my face.) At 23 minutes I'd had it. Physically I was spent. Mentally I couldn't give anymore. Bad run.

My confidence has been dented and at the time I felt like an epic failure and totally defeated. I am absolutely dreading the third run. Not sure if it'll be tomorrow or - as is more likely - Saturday evening, but either way I am already feeling anxious about it. I feel like I've come so far - which I have, couldn't have run for 28 seconds before I started this, let alone 28 minutes! - but that I'm falling at the last hurdle.

Sad face :-(

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I think this cold weather has a lot to answer for! Maybe it makes it more likely that we push ourselves harder (to keep warm!)?

Just a thought - maybe the wind is always in your face because you're running so fast?!

Perhaps put more clothes on and decide that you are going to move at the slowest pace you can run? Bet you manage it then. :)


Leave it a couple of days Bex to let all those aches and niggles really settle down, then have a really slow gentle jog, tell yourself just 20 mins and see how you feel. Take the pressure off x


Don't feel down, to get this far in the crap weather we are having is really good. Keep positive and just see how far you have already come! :-)


Bex I know exactly how you are feeling. I'm trying to conquer week 7 and I am struggling. But lets look back at how far we have come, its a massive achievement :-) After reading all the good advice I have received on my post I am just going to go do it until I beat it . :-)

Best of luck on your next run.

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