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Week 2 run 1

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We’ll week 2 started, even though it’s “just” another 30 seconds each run you can certainly feel it. That was tough 😰 (but no one said it would be easy). Also wind 💨 did not help, ok on way out but into face of it on way back!

Foot still a bit sore, might look for a cushion type support. Back stiff today, that happened just at start of first run but I kept going (not sure if that was right thing, but hey ho). I assume it just means I should stretch more, especially on days in between runs.

Run 2 on Monday, wish me luck.

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Yes stretching is important, doing Yoga helps too. I suffer with neck and shoulder pain and its much better now. Keep going 🙌

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Kintyresrb in reply to MissLBD

Thanks MissLBD, also I have no excuse my better half is a yoga 🧘‍♀️ instructor 🤗 I’ll be doing more stretching later today and tomorrow on off day

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Well done with your first step up - I'm doing that Monday. I also need to consider stretching as over the last couple of days things have become more uncomfortable. After my W1R3/Parkrun this morning I can really feel it in my calves and shins!!

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Kintyresrb in reply to Pianism

Good luck you’ll be fine, just be sure not to set off too fast.

So I have knackered my back! As I mentioned in the original post I felt my back at start of run but kept going. Kept getting stiffer throughout day and for past 2 days I have been struggling to walk, never mind run!

So I am letting it heal, in the meantime started doing some yoga stretching and will restart again when better.


🙁🤞hope you heal quickly!!

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