Exciting delivery! All set for 5x50 challenge on Sunday!

The postman has just delivered three parcels! Three! All at once! Two pairs of running socks, a 5x50 t-shirt and my garmin watch. What a spoilt girlie I am! (Late birthday presents to myself, that's my excuse.)

T-shirt already on (!), about to try the socks (MoreMile San Diego) and then time to open the garmin box.

I am sooooo ready for 5x50!


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23 Replies

  • Really admire you Greenlegs for doing this. I wish I could have the same determination! Very best of luck with it all - Karen x

  • Wow!! You really are getting spoilt!! :) How exciting! I love getting pressies delivered - especially running related!

    The 5x50 mission today is to wear your T-shirt over your normal clothes, superman stylee!! :D

    You are going to be in your element with the Garmin and all those numbers and stats and graphs and more numbers....... :O


  • > The 5x50 mission today is to wear your T-shirt over your normal clothes,

    > superman stylee!!

    And provide photograph evidence! :-)

    >You are going to be in your element with the Garmin and all those

    > numbers and stats and graphs and more numbers....... :O

    Ha! ;-)

  • Anyone know how long a garmin 110 takes to charge up? I am sooooo impatient!

    Picture as requested! Sorry, didn't have my cape handy. :)

  • I remember being able to fiddle with it as soon as there was some juice flowing to it from the pc - I couldnt wait either! :) A full charge will take longer though.

    Good photographic evidence! :D Will need to take one too but will wait till I start.....


  • :-) :-) Nothing like pressies to get the motivation flowing!!! :-) Hmmmmm....you had late Birthday gifts...I better start on a new list for Steve, I have a BD coming up! ;-) I can't remember how long it was to initially charge our Garmins, I do believe several hours. After that, not long at all to charge. LOVE THE SHIRT!!!! :-) Gayle

  • Hi Greenlegs - good to see all that cold-weather motivation! My Forerunner charged enough in an hour or two to use once. That was using the mains - now I always charge it on the computer (when I do the download) and I don't know if mains is quicker. Don't forget to put it outside to find the satellite while you tie up your shoes/put on extra fleeces etc.

    Question: what is the sizing of a 5x50 T-shirt like? I tried asking 5x50 on Facebook but no luck. I'm a 14-16 - is a large going to be too big? I think Sue (SBG356) said hers is a medium and was about right for her size 12 but I may have remembered incorrectly. Any ideas welcome. I REALLY hope it starts to warm up soon!

    Ann x

  • For me, a size 12 top, the medium has plenty of room and I did actually think it was too big but then I didnt want to send back and get a small if it was going to end up being clingy. Wait and see what greenlegs thinks too to get an idea. The length is good too - not buttock exposing!! ;)

  • I'm a 10-12 usually, and the medium seems about right - but I like them loose. I like the length too. :)

  • Thanks both of you - sounds like it needs to be a large :-( That still seems unfair as its a unisex large and I'm certainly not as big as a large man!

    I haven't run since Saturday - enforced absence due to work commitments. I intended to try this morning but ended up with school run, more work and a strangely nagging hip....I do hope that's nothing that's going to get worse. Tomorrow has got to be the day then. At least having come back before I know I should be OK - and it's not like I'm going to be short of exercise after Sunday!

  • Another shirt question! I'm an 8-10 which I am assuming sizes are the same UK/US?? Steve typically wears a large in men's running shirts. I will order a medium for me but confused on Steve. Do I order a large or extra large?? I'm leaning toward large but I'm confused how they fit since they appear to be unisex. Thanks! Gayle

  • Hi Gayle, I have just called them and they are going to measure the large and x-large and email the measurements to me so I will let you know as soon as I hear from them, unless someone here already has these sizes and can advise you.


  • Wow! Thank you so very much Sue!!! :-)

  • This is their reply Gayle and you obviously need to double it as they have only measured the front/back, so hope it helps! :)

    Please see the chest sizes for these t-shirts below. They are approximate as I was using a ruler to measure them but they should be very close.

    Large = 54cm

    X-Large = 58cm

  • You are absolutely the very best Sue!!! Once again, you're helping me spend Steve's money!! ;-) Thank you so very much for checking into this for me! It is appreciated!!!!

  • Hi Gayle,

    Just in case that isn't enough information, US and UK sizes are most definitely not the same! An 8-10 US is probably about a 12 here (a US 16 is roughly a UK 18 which was what mattered more to me when living there!).

    I'm probably about a US 12 now and have just ordered a large T-shirt based on replies here and the Run 4 It website. Based on Sue's measurements above the large is going to be reasonably loose - but I think the medium would be a bit snug.

    Hope that helps!


  • Thank you Ann! I am so confused now! ;-) I will probably try the MD for me and the LG for Steve. If they are snug, hopefully by the end of the challenge, they will fit just right?? ;-) So, should we try to go up a size from what we typically wear here in the US?

  • Hi Gayle,

    Looking at what others have said, a medium should suit you but I'm less sure about Steve. I asked my OH and he said US large is a little bigger than UK large, but it's not consistent. My concern is that I've ordered a 5x50 large for ME - and I'm much smaller than OH is! I just converted Sue's measurements - I think the large will be about 42inches actual size and the XL about 46 inches. I've had to think hard before ordering - the info hasn't been great.

    Maybe someone else will be able to help - in any case even if you order today they most likely won't ship before Tuesday due to Easter holidays here so you could post it as a question.

    Have a great weekend and may the Easter bunny bring lots of candy for you to run off :-D


  • Thank you Ann! I think after measuring Steve's tops and converting cm to in we will get him a LG. Better a little snug then too big. I'm going with the medium, since I'm short, if I get the large and its too big, I'll look like I'm running in a dress! :-) Thank you for all the help! Have a nice holiday, eat plenty of chocolate bunny ears and have a great #1-5x50! As far as me running off Easter candy...I think I still have some on storage on my body from last year! :-)

  • Wow Greenlegs, your ready for the off just about. I love my Garmin 110 and I'm sure you will too. Don't forget to take your measurements at the start of 5 x 50. A friend who did it last year (not over weight either) lost inches overall and although she said it was really hard going she enjoyed the challege.

    Wishing all those taking part all the very best of luck, also that you stay injury free throughout.

  • Well I am having fun with my toys! Again, I have probably gone and overdone things a bit (well, I wanted to see heart rate when I went full-out...) but really enjoyed myself. It even seemed easier to make the effort to keep going, knowing I could go and look at the data afterwards. Totally mad! :o

    Yes, I've taken all my measurements - though it was a bit of a shock to find they'd all gone up since the last time I did them (before I'd discovered lots of tasty gluten-free treats - oops!). I am hoping to develop a nice flat stomach. You never know!

  • Green legs I have just joined too .... Going to be very challenging but looking forward ... How did you order the top?????

  • There's a link to the shop from the 5x50 website, via the FAQ page (which also mentions deliveries abroad).

    But here's a direct link: run4it.com/shop/5x50-t-shir...

    Don't miss the jelly bean pack in with it!

    I think it will be challenging too, but in a good way, and I'm looking forward to it. Which is odd, for someone who hated PE!

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