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5x50 Challenge

I got talked into signing up for the 5x50 Challenge which starts 9th September.


The aim is to run, walk or cycle 5k everyday for 50 days, and to raise money for sport relief.

I have been upping my frequency to get ready for it but it's still a bit of a thought.

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I signed up for it too.

It will be quite a challenge. My running days will be easy enough (I'm running 4k now (on Week 7), plus 1k warm down walk), but the discipline needed to walk - or cycle - the other days will take an effort.

Any other C25k runners taking part?

Take a look - 5x50.co.uk/


Yes, I am planning where to get off the bus early weekdays to help up my walking distance.


I have signed up also and have started a team "NHS Couch to 5K Graduate" - will need to get the dog a coat for long walks on my non-running days.


This sounds like a great idea, especially as I'm about to graduate and ran 5K yesterday for the first time. I'm confused as to why the website doesn't have Sport Relief splashed across it though or why the Sport Relief website doesn't mention it? I would have thought that Sport Relief would be a great way to promote this and a great way to get lots of people signed up.


The website seems rather underdeveloped at the moment. I couldn't see anywhere to link it directly to my Facebook account - except to 'like' it - and I used an external 'Share on Facebook' button.

At present there is no community forum, nor mention (expect in passing) of how we'll be able to share our daily activities - eg through Garmin Connect, or one of the many tracking apps that are on the 'net.

Maybe the 5x50 Challenge is becoming known throughout the Twitter-sphere (I don't know as I don't use Twitter), but I feel it is not using social networking, nor the internet in general, as it could.


Yep, underdeveloped is a good term. I was a bit concerned at the lack of https on the page that asks for your details, password, etc. How did you have to pay the £5 registration? I've wanted to do something for Sport Relief ever since Eddie Izzard's Marathon Man and this sounds like just the challenge but I'm a tad concerned at the set up at present.


You pay through paypal then return to the site.

I was hoping they would provide some means of logging your progress, although I am logging everything on Walk/Jog/Run at the moment.

I ran the last 3 nights in a row which seems to have been a mistake as my ankle is now bothering me a bit.


I see on Facebook a 5x50 website update will come soon with details for uploading times etc.

Anyone doing extra training building up to this?

I have been but my ankle had started playing up so I am having a few days off.


Hi and thanks for highlighting the 5x50 initiative - after thinking about it for a couple of days I signed up today and think it will be a good craic! After all, if you read the FAQ pages they do say that as long as your sum total for the day reaches 5k than that is ok. I am sure we all walked a fair bit every day anyway - to and from the car, around the house, outside, at work etc. I am doing my first 10K race end September so I think this will really push my fitness.


MFR are holding an event for this in Muir of Ord on Sunday. From their Facebook page:

"MFR CASH FOR KIDS: Join Nicky Marr, Davey D and Courage the Cat for the start of this amazing challenge on Sunday!

The start point is the grassy area just behing Muir of Ord Police station, and it's a lovely circular route around the Muir.

Please share to spread the word, and comment below if you think you'll be able to make it along.

See you then!!


Day 1 event at Muir of Ord for our Highland Challengers,

Starting at 1245 live on air with Moray Firth Radio, come and join us for the start of our amazing challenge.

We can only use the route for Walk/Jog/Run due to events taking place in the area on Sunday but I'm sure you cyclist's can join us for a walk or Run on the day!!

Parking is limited at the start area but there is additional parking in the main Car boot sale area with a £2 charge going to the wonderful "Cash for Kids" charity

It would be amazing to see lots of you highland challengers join us to start our journey.

Hope to see you there RW."


I saw this event on the Facebook site last night - such a pity we are actually in Glasgow for the day moving son into his new accommodation. Muir of Ord (or MOO as we call it <g>) is not that far for where I work and drivable from where I live. I hope they put on other events here in the Highlands. I am almost silly with excitement about the 5x50 challenge.


There must be an event on in Glasgow as that's where the organisers seem to be based.


I suspect our day will be taken up with driving and hauling possessions about - will have pedometer on and hopefully get home early enough to make sure I get to 5K walking for the day.


3 days to go, I am beginning to wonder if it was a good idea now.

Still if I do manage it then I expect I will feel pretty pleased with myself by the end.


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