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W8r1 that's better

Well after not doing so well on runs 2&3 of week 8 (i blame myself for my blog saying all was going well, i jinxed myself) I thought I would just redo that week. I wasn't as disheartened about this as I thought I would be,as last night I signed up to do the 5x50 challenge (thanks sue its all down to you 1 g&t too many whilst reading your blog and now look) redoing w8 this week would have me leading nicely into w9 next week just in time for the challenge, so all ok....

So I've just come in from my redo of w8, (Sunday I stopped at 19mins and just couldn't carry on,) I got to my 28 mins and felt ok ish, so I thought 'lets see if I can make 30 mins' I did it!! Next silly thought was 'lets see if can get anywhere near the 5k' so I carried on,

Would you believe I did it! 5k not counting the walking, i just timed my running in 39.50 mins. I am so happy with myself knacked but really chuffed,

I'm glad I've got you all to tell of my delight as no one else is really bothered or just doesn't know what I'm on about, until my husband comes home, :-) :-) ;-)

Oh and souki rolled in fox poo she stinks and is going in the shower!! And it's all over the car!!

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Woo hoo! You rock Souki! 8-) Thats fantastic; you have every reason to feel chuffed! They often say a good run follows a bad one and you have certainly just proved that (just wish it was the case all the time :O ) Isnt it just a wonderful feeling when it all goes so well and even better than expected?!

So, it seems that the answer lies in having an extra G&T the night before; must try that one out! :D

Very well done and bring on that challenge!!


ps Hope you are smelling a bit sweeter now!! ;)


Well done! :) It's frustrating when nobody around understands what it's all about, isn't it! You might want to think about 2 rest days before your next run if you feel really weary tomorrow - I didn't realise how much the long runs took out of me, not aching particularly, just tired. Progress from 19 to 39 minutes in a week - wow!

Eeeuw! Fox poo all over the car. I don't envy you that one!


Your right 2 days rest don't want to overdo it x


Congratulations!!! :-) Onwards and upwards! I signed up for the 5x50 as well. Let the challenge begin!!!! :-) I hope Souki smells better! ;-) Gayle


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