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Getting back into it after a long illness??

Hi all

I graduated March last year and was very happy out running alternate evenings. Did the 5 to 10km bridge and got up to running for an hour (although I was no where near 10km more like reaching the 5km mark LOL). Was introduced to "Run Zombie run" which is hilarious and keeps you on your toes (other Zombie running apps are available). Had a lupus flare in Oct and had recovered sufficiently to start back on week 1 day 1- in Feb. Then I tripped up on a tiled floor at home and landed on my left knee-my middle name is "lucky"- taking ages to heal have been referred to the physio. In the mean time I am power walking one of my old running routes trying to keep the old ticker and bellows going.

Is there anyone out there who has (for whatever reason) come back fighting? need a success story to help me through!



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So deadasadodo which you most certainly are not, you sound as if your almost ready to go again.

I graduated Dec 2011 and was running through snow with spikes on and then on holiday in Cape Verde when AAAAWWWWW, struck down with full blown sciatica which crippled me for 2 months and took me the 3rd one to get back walking properly with a stick.

I started C25K all over again April and graduated the second time end of May 2012. The summer was good to me I went on and ran 10K although I find it a hard distance for this older body, so now stick to 5K.

I'm a great believer in listening to my body, if its twinging its for a reason and I don't push my luck. So what I would say is as soon as you get the all clear take it steady, don't over do things you have all the summer to look forward to so "listen to your body" Take care and welcome back. :)


I graduated last year, was up to running for 75 minutes at Christmas, then I hurt my back. I took two months off and in late February I went back to week 4, and I'm at week 8 now. It's easier the second time round, and although I feel I could do more, I'm determined to take it slowly, and build up gradually.


Thank you Oldgirl and Delores, your words and wisdom and encouragement will help me along- slow and steady and I will get there.



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