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W6R3: this cold weather can DO one!

OK Spring, where are you? I was visualising nice, mild, sunny runs by this stage in the programme, with butterflies fluttering next to me and baby lambs frolicking. And what did I get yesterday for my longest run to date? -2 temperatures with a God-knows-how-cold wind chill factor - so cold it numbed my nostrils and burnt my lungs. Incredibly unpleasant running conditions.

But I did it! A nice even pace and (once my nostrils defrosted) a good breathing rhythm. I was actually quite glad of the running as it warmed me up and got the blood pumping around freezing toes and fingers.

I'm learning, both from experience and people's advice on this forum, that at this 'you're in the big leagues now' stage of the programme, extra rest days really do pay dividends. I attempted W6R1 after only 1 day of rest after the 20 min run and it nearly killed me; everything was stiff and hurt - the calves and thighs had really taken a pounding on W5R3. But giving it 2 days rest between the other runs has worked really well - everything felt loose and warm and strong. It means slightly slower progression through the podcasts, but at least I've got a better chance of success (and hopefully avoiding injury!).

I even managed a 'sprint' finish for the final 60 seconds when Laura said I could speed up if I was feeling ok. It felt amazing - running as fast as I could (probably not very:)) - arms and legs flying everywhere and giggling like a schoolgirl. Awesome!

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well done on run! i ran in snow this morning hope the spring does come soon w6r3 is my next run and like you am gunna rest a extra day before running as like you rather take it slow and hopefully not fail a run as at moment i have only failed once keep it up and your be on week 9 before you now it x


Well done! :) Absolutely do take the extra day between runs if that's what your body needs - far better safe than sorry!

I'm glad we've got the lighter mornings now - but where oh where is that warm weather I was looking forward to???


Love the vision of waving arms and legs and giggling as you ran! :)


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