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7st overweight. I can do this... C25k

Morning all, we'll I hope to graduate couch25k today or tomorrow. So far I've had up and down days. There was day one that left me totally motivated to day 3 when I'd changed my mind. Week 4 on my 30th birthday I went for a jog and honestly felt like the biggest loser ever! Last night I mapped my jog. 4.81 (that 0.01 matters you know!) in 30 minutes. I can't even tell you how chuffed I was. Actually now I'm paranoid that the GPS was out!

I was 18.1 stone 9 weeks ago. Didn't loose any weight for weeks. That was tough. But these last few weeks it seems to just be coming off even though I eat like a piglet!

Last night I had to run past a beer garden. Mortifying. They seemed quite shocked to see a fat out of breath girl slowly running past them and felt the urge to shout at me to go go go. Maybe they thought that was supportive?! Anyway. Anyone else put there THIS overweight and running? Does it all work out ok in the end? Will I loose weight? Will I ruin my knees and hips?! (Can't believe just how many ppl feel its ok to just tell me I can't run as my fat self is damaging my joints!)


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Congratulations on reaching W9R3. That's no small feat, you should be very proud of yourself (I had tears when I finished my graduation run). People offer loads of unsolicited advice about the perils of running, medical professionals included. Take care of yourself, stretch lots, respect your rest days and if you're injured tend to it and take a running break. Running is not only good for our bodies but our heads.

As for the beer garden people, I think sometimes folks think they are being helpful, they don't realize they're actually making you feel awkward. I guess some people would find that motivating, I'd rather keep my runs to myself. Turn up the headphones and move on.

Enjoy your graduation run. Are you considering a race or a parkrun? You've got a good time there.

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You're right- I love the time I get to think when I'm jogging. A friend asked to join me and I really enjoyed it but wouldn't ever give up my alone running time! I've heard a few ppl mention park runs. I might google it. I'm worried ppl will laugh at my sloth like running? (Still paranoid my GPS was out!)


We don't have parkrun in Canada, but we have fun 5k races. Some people take over an hour, some people walk the whole thing. You can often check the results from the last event to see about where you'd sit. And you can practise the routes beforehand to see how it feels. I find them pretty motivating - we have all ages and body types at the ones I've done. And there is no rule about running the whole thing - I've run-walked several now. I think fellow runners just like to share the fun and support.


Your post is a real blast of positivity - well done for sticking at it, and I'm glad you're reaping the benefits of all your hard work. As for the beer-swillers and the naysayers, smile and ignore them. Generally they're uncomfortable because you're showing them that they have no excuse not to get off their own behinds and do likewise. More often than not, they don't do any exercise themselves but still think that they are oracles on health and fitness. Leave them to lift their pint glasses - not so efficient for biceps, but great to develop a beer gut ;)


Ha ha. This reply really tickled me. Thank you. I do TRY to be positive about it all. I'm not all that positive 15 minutes in though when I know I'm still 15 mins to go! Hope the same folk aren't in that beer garden again today. I'll definitely turn my I pod up! ☺️

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Well done you are on the brink of graduating and its a fantastic achievement you stuck at it. I am no doctor I can't say if it will damage your joints, I found as long as you take care of your body you will doing all you can do to prevent injury. Stretching is so important, I found I need to strength exercise for my knees (which you can find online & nhs website), squats and lunges are great too!!

regarding weight, it has taken me 6months lose 1stone, running was not enough. I need to watch what I eat and also I joined the gym (needed to avoid the heat in chile & now pollution). finally, it has happened but it's a joint effort between running longer, gym but watching food intake is really what makes the difference. Don't I am no saint, I still drink wine, cheese has crept in but will be kicked out again, chocolate and I sometimes share a pud!! It will happen

as for the beer guzzlers, as mf says they are only working out their beer belly, which is a B**ch to get rid of. They think they can run but wouldn't be able to out run you. So hold your head up high and ignore!!

Good luck on your journey.

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Hey, I've been a member if slimming world since Christmas but just wasn't loosing any weight. I think it's definitely the mixture of slimming world and jogging like you say. I've got a lot to loose so it should be easier! But still... I'll google knee stretches. Thanks 😀


Well done! Congratulations on Graduating.

Keep running and eating healthily and you're bound to lose weight. As the weight comes off it's surprising how much springier you'll become. Just stick with the healthy eating!

Have fun!


Brilliant ! Well done !

Please don't worry about your speed , you're out there strutting your stuff and that's the main thing ! :-)

Good on ya and I wish you all the best for continued success , you can do it ! :-) xxx


I was about 3.5 stone overweight about 4months ago and had a great experience losing weight with myfitnesspal's app. It was all portion control issues with me. I didnt really start running until 6 weeks ago but weightloss has remained at the same rate, although body shape and fitness have improved a lot. Bear in mind you will probably lose fat and gain muscle, sometimes the scales dont always show the whole picture of what your body is doing.

Keep at it, one run at a time, you'll get there! People who shout or make fun dont have the bottle to do what your doing. Chin up!


Good luck for your last run. Of course you can do it!

I am very obese and I graduated in end of April. After graduation I joined virtual running club for plus-size ladies in 'Too fat to run? - The Clubhouse'. It is amazing, inspirational group of runners. I am now training for a half marathon in October.

Don't worry about your pace/speed. I am really slow, but slowly I am improving. I am going bit faster now than I was in the end of April when I graduated.

I have had problems with my knees only once in the beginning of C25K, after that regular visits to my osteopath, foam roller, paying attention to my running form (body scan while running) and using the Galloways Run-Walk method has kept me happy and injury free runner.

Happy running!


I'll look out for that group! Thank you. Maybe I'll book into my osteopath again. My hips ache after not enough rest days this week. I'm sure it'll even out out though 😊. Just walking today instead x


Very well done indeed have a great graduation run and your speed is very good It takes me about 35 minutes to run 5k so you are faster than me. Bet you could run on for another 19 meters and make it a 5k graduation rather than a 30 minute one I recon 19 meters would be about 60 steps ;) Most people are not running 5k at graduation so you are better than most already :) :) Happy running :) :) x


Well done, and congratulation on graduating!

If you haven't seen this yet, here is an inspirational website:


Enjoy your running!

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Congrats on your graduation run. Well done :)

Would so recommend a park run. Its a mixture of people at all levels of running and walking. Not everyone even goes to run. I saw some when I went for the first time on saturday (when I graduated from c25k) just briskly walking round. Its such a good atmosphere. I was quite nervous when I went, but seriously, all shapes and sizes and the other runners there are so helpful!

I am also overweight and I know what you mean about people saying stuff when your out running..I just turned music way up and continued. But really, the best time I found for running was early, like as early as you can manage...

Happy running hun

Sarah xx


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