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Week 8 Run 2

Its the first time since I started this program that I could not finish the run. I know its my own fault, I just started to fast and could not keep up that pace for 28 min, when I slowed down I got some side pains so I had to brisk walk for about a minute around the 23 minute mark. Just feel stupid, thinking come on girl only 5 more minutes and I could have done it. I am trying not to get demotivated and tell myself, run 3 will be so much better. All I need to do is start at a slower pace, and speed the pace up at those last 5 minutes in the end if I feel like I can do it. I don't even know why I speed up so much today, must be the cold, I think my body tried to run away from it. Well body, we are not ready to run far enough to find some warm weather and sun :-)

Hope others had a better run!!!!

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Don't you dare demoralize yourself now! You got this far, just keep it up and slowly make it to week 9 and eventually graduate ;)

I'm SURE you'll make it


Listen to Gregg!

You know, I think you might have something with the running away from the cold - me too, today! No need to feel stupid, you just had a bad run (like my one two days ago) - turn round and look back at what you have achieved! It is amazing! It hasn't all vanished just because you walked a little bit, when you'd started off too fast (like everybody does at some time or other). Good learning experience - that's what I put my walking down to on Wednesday - and I stopped after less than 20 minutes, so you did better than a graduate! :)


Gregg is right; you are just 4 runs from graduating and you WILL do it!! :)

I think we all tend to start off too fast and it requires real effort to slow down so you are certainty not alone wiggles. I am glad you are talking about week 3 and moving on; that's the attitude to have!

Not long until you get your shiny green badge ;)



That was a cold and yucky one. Your next one will be better and you'll do it. Honest. And then you'll feel wonderful.


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