W8r3 Glowing

As I put on my trainers I told myself that if it was too cold I could come back in again and there was no shame in that because I'm not a masochist and I do have limits. And now 40 minutes later i'm glowing! You don't feel the cold after the 1st five minutes and after that the run normally gets a wee bit easier. After hating the run on Wednesday I was pleasantly surprised to find this one wasn't the chore I had built it up to be. I almost enjoyed it! What I find mind blowing is the reality of what I'm able to do when 9 weeks ago I found that 1st 60 seconds so hard and so painful. Getting quite emotional here.

I love our NHS and quite like Laura.

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  • when you do the last run the full impact of what you've acheived will hit you - I burst into tears as soon as I got home!

    You're almost there - and there are the 5k+ podcasts to use afterwards - 3 different kinds of runs which you can alternate each week.

    I never thought I would be able to run for 5 minutes - but now I'm planning to do a 10k in the summer.

  • Maybe this time next week???

  • Well done! I'm finding this inspiring as the cold weather has been really putting me off getting out the door of late :(

    Just started the course though and don't want to interrupt my training with this attitude!

  • I did have double layers, hat , scarf and gloves on. The gloves went at the half way mark.

  • Good for you! (Though it was 20 minutes before I stopped feeling cold today! But it was well worth going out, even so!)

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