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Week 3 Run 1 OMG

I did it and I can't believe it! :) it was hard though I thought Laura was never gonna say slow down. I never ever thought I would be able to do that 3 mins. My legs and knees are sore but my pride is dulling the discomfort. Hope I can achieve the same next time.

Thank you for all sharing your experiences and tips - so helpful and inspiring.

Justine x x

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You are at exactly the same stage as me then! I did W3R1 this morning and cannot still believe I managed it. Was a bit relieved when she said 2 minutes were up on the 2nd 3 min run as it felt like it was lasting forever!!!

Well done you. Let's hope we continue to do well :)



you got this far so at least you know what the next two will be like. You can do it. Enjoy the next two runs. Good luck. :-)


Thank you!!! Bit apprehensive about the next run but if I have done it once ......

X x x :)


I start week 3 tomorrow nervous but excited can't believe I made it this far


Well done, it's all exciting when you complete a run. :-) You will be fine on the next one.


I've just completed Week 3 this morning! In the first 3min run Laura tells you when you're half way though and on the second run I was thinking 'oh I must be half way there already!' then she pipes up 'you've done 2 mins!!!.....cheeky woman ;)


If your knees are aching, you might find going a bit slower helps until they've got used to being bashed about. Well done - you're well on your way now. :)


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