WK9 Run 3 - OMG I've graduated!!!!!

Well where to start ...... I've never posted on here before but I have been reading all the blogs etc with interest.

I've just completed my last week 9 run tonight and it feels great to know I've come all the way through from not running since I was at school and now running for 30 minutes. I'm 40 in July and of all the things I thought I might be doing at 40 I must say running is not one of them!

Good luck to everyone following the programme, stick in and have faith in yourself because it really does work.



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  • Congratulations

  • Well done, great achievement

  • congratulations on graduating :) what's next for you?

  • Think I'll just try and increase my speed but going to try and do 30 mins every other day - I've been doing weight watchers and I've lost 2 stone I've got another stone to go and the running has helped with that so I'll definitely keep going at it. I went out today in the rain and I got soaked but I'm finding now I'm actually enjoying going out.


  • Well done, that's great

  • Well done - you will get your graduate badge now :)

  • How do I get that? do I msg someone.



  • Go into the directory tab along the top, then admin and send JR21 a message....

  • Thanks for that

  • Well done :) you must be feeling pretty proud. I am on wk8 run3 and heading to completion. How do you get the graduation badge?

  • You get it by sending a msg to JR21

    Keep at it you'll feel great once you finish wk 9.


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