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Life after the grad run: First run after

Well, I managed the same program on my treadmill tonight, but OMG it was hard. I wanted to stop at 15 minutes and could barely keep going until the end.

I just managed it, but did not do the last minute at 11km/hr like I did on my grad run, as such I did not make the 5km quite.

So I blogged about what I could do next, clearly, I just need to try and keep the same level!

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I think it's harder to do the same thing, when the previous time you had all that adrenalin pushing you on (and your body is perhaps still catching up from that extra effort).

Well done for keeping going. Wanting to stop half way through is pretty demoralising (as I found yesterday), but we can get over it. Consolidation is still all good stuff! Especially when you've moved through the programme at a pretty nippy pace. Don't underestimate just how much you have achieved! :)


Thanks greenlegs I saw your post and am sorry it was not so good a run for you too. I am trying every other day to prep. for the 5x50, so it will be interesting what tomorrow brings.

I think the special nature of the grad run was definitely easier. The mental resolve I had on that was huge and short of falling or passing out I was going to get the full way though.

Let's see what happens tomorrow.


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