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Week 8 run 3 complete!

Well that was week 8 run 3 done and dusted!

My last run I ditched Laura as I fancied a change and worked out I did 30 mins of running to music by myself, today tho I returned to Laura but I kept going a little longer not because I was pushing myself just that the walk at the end of my road is exactly my 5 mins warm up/cool down so I didn't want to drag it out any longer (I find the walking harder than the running - any 1 else feel the same?) so again ran about 30 mins but a different route!

Today I was spontaneous and wait for it the end of the road went straight ahead instead of left turn which is not like me at all but I am finding that on my regular route I'm going back on myself with the longer runs >? So this new 1 was a little tougher and had more low grade hills and so on but I really enjoyed it and it was over way too quickly (my timing still the same tho!)

So I've been wandering if all you folk out there run by yourself or if you have running partners or just enjoy the lone running, I was thinking of joining a running club as there are a couple near me (am thinking long term commitment and motivation) but I feel like a bit of a fony at the moment a bit like I'm playing runner when really I'm not very good at it :-(

any way ....... Your thought on the matter would be greatly appreciated

By the way I'm going away tomorrow and planning on doing the first 2 runs of week 9 eeeek, (think il just run in 1 direction until half way then turn back for the last 15 mins as i dont no the area im going to) will keep posted and reading as everyone's blogs keep me motivated!!!!! X x

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I have only ever run with others twice and the thought of a running club scares me witless :) I treat running as a solitary exercise where I can think deep thoughts or not think at all, as the fancy takes me! Why not try it - you might love running in company. I'm sure if you explain what you're looking for and the stage you've reached they'll be happy to let you try for a while to see if you like it.

I often run when I'm away and love finding new places to run, although I always ask for local advice on safe places etc. Have fun, and let us know how you get on. You are so nearly a graduate :D


I've only ever run by myself (although I've had my DDs at the gym with me a couple of times when taking them there and keeping an eye on them while using the treadmill was my only option. Don't think that counts though!). I have been invited by a friend to join a group that she runs with, but haven't yet... My elder DD is quite keen to run though, so I think I must actually get her started on this so we can run together sometimes - she's quite horrified at the idea that her Mum can outrun her easily!


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