Week 8 practice run

With huge thanks to Irish-John for the positive phrase!

I left Pretty Pup at home this morning, after yesterday's rigmarole, and headed out on my own to try and tackle week 8. Warm-up walk was nice and brisk - although I think Runkeeper might have had a funny turn again as it had me going at my normal running pace! Started the run - up the hill, hard work but I kept going without Pup there to give me an excuse to stop ;) Got to the village sign, road levels off, five minutes in, quick check and yep, I'm settling in to it but it's feeling tough. Will keep going though.

Down to the end of the lane, cross the road and down the bridle path. Legs feeling very tired. Ten minutes done, and I find myself slowing to a walk. Less than a minute though, and I pick it up again. But another minute or so later I slow down to a walk. It's ok though - this isn't failure; I'm going to run all the way back. Run the last minute to Laura's mid-way announcement, turn round and head back.

I've realised why the bridle path is so hard (even without having to try and avoid treading on pup's heels!) - the change from gentle downhill road to slight uphill in long grass! That explains a LOT about why I find this bit so challenging every time!

Much easier heading back towards the main road. Cross over just before the tractor pulls out from the field next to me, check he's not about to pull into the lane, but is going up the main road so I can cross safely to the right side. :) Up the incline back towards home, five minutes to go and it's all downhill from here - literally. I can do this! And we're finished!

So not quite done properly. But I've actually understood properly that it really doesn't matter. I went out and ran for over 25 mins; I enjoyed myself and improved my fitness; next time I might do better - or I might not. But that doesn't matter, either, because the thing is that I know there WILL be a next time. And a time after that. And after that.

Today it feels as though I'm never likely to manage 30 mins continuous running, and I've realised that actually I'm ok with that. Obviously I'm still aiming to get there, and would really like to do another 10k in the future, but when it comes to it, the world isn't going to stop turning if I walk for a minute or two each time. Suddenly the (self-imposed) pressure is gone. And that feels good. :)


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  • Hi Rainbowc, it sounds very likely to me you are definitely going to run for 30 mins one day soon. You are so nearly there. It isn't a race and youre going to get there. Well done to youπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Great! A number of us have returned to interval running as a preference following graduation as it keeps the heart rate down and enables you to go further without getting really wiped.

    No reason to think you won't be able to do this though - just keep plugging away - you're so close now!

  • That sounds like a lovely run, relaxed and happy. Runkeeper played me up this morning too although fortunately not while I was out. 30 minutes after I got home, contentedly finishing off my breakfast and a voice booms from the corner of the sofa to start my warm up walk !! I know I'm keen but one run in a day is plenty thank you :-)

  • Self imposed pressure...😩isn't it the pits! Kills the joy of running. Your run sounds ace even with a slow right down in the middle.. I bet you do 'get there'. Probably when you least expect it but like you say, it doesn't matter. Your attitude is the best.. just enjoy the ride. :)

  • Oh what a lovely run you had 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿 relaxing into it and the enjoyment felt was evident. Mmmmmmmmm thank you for sharing it and spreading the joy. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  • What a fabulous attitude! But of course you will make the 30 minutes and another 10k if that's what you want to do! Sounds like a lovely run and the main thing is you're enjoying your running.

    A run is a run! It's only a practice run if you're lying on the floor circling your legs in the air in a running style! I agree, Irish John's phrasing is great when you're considering a certain run of a certain week but you still went out for a run, there was no practice about that! Plus running on a hill is intense in this programme, no wonder you needed to stop for a bit. Try the run another two times and if they're fine, move on. :)

  • Onwards and upwards - slow then slower still ;) We are running further, faster and easier than EVER before...and if we keep at it, there is a lot of potential for 'better' ;) Maybe we will never do a Marathon - but we sure as heck are having a good old time NOT on the couch :)

  • What a great post - we do put pressure on us in all areas of our lives and it does feel good to suddenly just let it go and just enjoy the moment/ moments - sounded like a fabulous run πŸ˜€

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