Yes Laura ... I finally believe you ...W9R3 :)

... never really believed I could do it, but step by step, snorting, dribbling and not a pretty sight, I have finally completed c25k ... how ?

.. still not sure on that one, but with the help of my fantastic hubbie who ran with me (daughter and dog had both dropped out by week 5), the support of all you wonderful people who are on this journey of your own with me, who believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself, and my ever faithful, nagging and encouraging Laura ... I made it :D

I have laughed, cried, sworn, run through snow, ice, rain, wind and freezing temperatures, and I have conquered my mind and feel better than I have done in many years. I have added years to my life, my BP is lower and I now know if I put my mind to it I can achieve anything .. life really does begin after 40 :)

So big hugs and kisses to you all and keep going as you can do it too x x x


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  • Wow.......a proud moment indeed, virtual hugs all round :-) You are proof that it works!!!

    Marathon next???

    Congratulations...... :-) :-)

  • ...need to actually get the 5K yet ... I'm not the fastest runner but yes the C25K defiantly works :)

    Keep running Alcopop can do it too :)

  • Congrats and thanks for encouraging us wee undergrads in this, your moment of glory! :D

  • Thanks Con-brio ...won't be long until you do it too :)

  • Fantastic news amsjo. Well done :-)

  • Thanks egs ... you have really helped me along the way :)

  • Oh, so well done amsjo! I've been hanging around waiting to see your graduation triumph since reading your earlier blog - so very glad to see you arrive! :)

    Now go and send your message to the NHS editor - look in the directory under admin, if you haven't already.

    You will look so good with a green badge! :D Now you can start thinking about parkruns perhaps?

  • Greenlegs ... needed you along this journey... thank you so much for all your comments support and advice, it has helped push me on until the end :)

  • Hooray! We made it together on the same day! Enjoy your evening and look forward to some celebrations. x

  • Congratulations to you too ... hope you celebrated well :)

  • Well done you; onward, ever onward!

  • thanks x

  • Well done! I love all these graduation posts - you can practically feel the joy!! :-)

  • ...good job it's not a visual post as I don't look my best after running :)

  • Great stuff!! Well done! You've put everything in to achieving what you have, and its brilliant you shared your journey.

    Get that graduate badge!! Get tackling your next running goal! Keep running!

    Very well done :-)

    Ali x

  • Thanks Ali ... still need to hit the 5K so thats where I head next ... speed and staminia ... the difference is now I believe I can achieve it x

  • Awesome news - Congratulations!

  • Thanks :D

  • Brilliant. Well done - enjoy the moment and celebrate.

  • Thanks Annie ... will do :)

  • Congratulations amazing feeling isn't it.

    A nice new green badge will look perfect next to you icon and name.

  • Thanks ... looking forward to the badge :)

  • Yay! A fellow graduate! I feel we've bumped along this journey together and encouraged each other at various points! Can't wait to see the badge :)

  • Thanks Khrissy ... always think my dog and your cat are chasing each other round the site on posts :)

    Cannot wait for the badge either (in fact I was so excited I emailed all the admin before even doing my grad blog :)

  • Well done and congratulations! Sounds like a lot of chilly, wet runs, but you did it, yay!! :)

  • Hi TX ... thanks for that ... always think of you running in lovely warm weather ... think with my sweating I am better off in the rain :)

  • Huge congratulations amsjo - it feels great doesn't it? Go get your badge! :)

  • Thanks ajf .. does feel good :)

  • Congratulations on your graduation! I love reading graduation blogs because it takes me right back to that moment :D Don't worry about the 5k, that will come, and enjoy your fantastic achievement - well done!

  • Thanks Anniemorph ... how is it going for you now? Keep up the good work yourself as you too have done so well ;P

  • Congratulations! I love earring graduation stories, helps keep me motivated. Thanks!

  • *hearing

  • Thought I might get graduate C25K earring then ... got very excited :) Thanks for the support :D

  • Very well done and congratulations to you!! All you have to do now is run through sunshine!! :O

    Welcome to the Grad Club and I hope you enjoyed your celebrations - fantastic!


  • Thank you ... good to make it to the club :)

  • Super well done! Springtime running will be like bliss for you!

  • Yeah ...springtime running ... in the snow ... my favourite :)

  • congratulations!love reading your blogs,keeps the rest of us going!

  • Thanks ..the blogs got me through it :)

  • Congratulations!! Virtual hug! What a beautiful post! :D x

  • Thanks for the hugs

  • Fantastic news amsjo ((())) The green will really suit you. Good luck with going for the 5k. :)

  • BE proud of yourself! You did an amazing job! :)

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