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W9R3 Completed - YES!

Well I finally got there. After many setbacks, see previous posts, this morning's run was a good 'un (in freezing cold and feathery bits of snow) I had two aims and got em both.

1. I got the 30 minutes in and then

2. I went on for another 2:53 mins and did the 5k

I feel really good about it and I don't think its bad for a 53 year old bloke who hadn't run a step for 31 years until last October.

The challenge now is to keep it up & not get bored, I am thinking about trying a park run.

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Well done Orroroo. I'm only on week 6 but you've given a 48 year old woman who hasn't run for 30 years inspiration to keep going. Congratulations :-)


Fantastic - two targets hit in one run! And graduation - congratulations! :)


Brilliant Orroroo!! Congratulations. It's good to have another challenge in mind but it's also quite nice just to take some time to relish those regular 5k runs that you'll be doing from now on! :-)


Well done! Such an achievement to have completed. :-D


Congratulations on graduation!


Well done Orro. I've registered with Parkrun but as it's mostly on an incline, I've yet to pluck up the courage to take part. I'm building up to a 10k now but will have to break out of my current route and add some variety in terms of topography, then I'll get involved.

It's a great programme eh?


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