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W8 continues but where is the love?

So glad I put my trainers in the car this morning.

I so wasn't wanting to run but there was a break in the weather today and I knew that between work and the predicted awfulness of the weather over the next couple of days today would probably by my only window this week.

I went straight from work because if I'd gone home the pile of dishes, mountains of laundry and general mess would defeat me. It was also helpful that I could run somewhere different as plodding around the park and assorted side streets wasn't filling me with joy. Instead I got to run along the shore walk way and I could see and hear the waves. Every so often there was some sunlight over the river and the snow in Fife looked fab. Loved all of that but the run was a chore.

I have to shake myself and remind myself what I'm doing is absolutely amazing given where I was in January. Fabby.

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Hi Sadiekit, well done for getting out there. I know what you mean, though - I still don't enjoy the running itself, but I'm very glad I do it. Just keep going and perhaps treat yourself to a runn somewhere new every so often as a reward :) You're nearly at graduation, and then the world's your oyster :D


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