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Week 8 - and we are both still alive, just!

I'm so amazed and happy to know I'm actually on week 8! Found it hard going in the middle of the run, but at the end I really felt I could've managed another two minutes. Not a chance I'm going to get ahead of myself now, having got this far, but it's nice to think it's possible.

I've been lucky enough to do this program with my 21 year old daughter. We've had some laughs, and I've taken a fair bit of stick from her, but her support has been invaluable. We have definitely kept each other going.

Somehow tonight she managed to roll her foot on the edge of the pavement and stumbled into the road. She recovered amazingly well and completed the remaining 10 minutes or so of the run on a slightly sore ankle. It was a really busy main road, thank goodness she recovered her balance.

Hopefully no real damage done, and a little warning to us both to watch where we're going! Iced it when we got back and hoping we can stay on track to complete this in the next couple of weeks. Yes, complete it - it's feeling like a very real possibility (so long as we watch where we are going of course) and that makes me smile very, very widely :)

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Brilliant, well done both of you! Lovely to run together 😀

Take care of that foot and dont run until it is right. Then its time to graduate so that we can party🎈

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That moment, when the thought "I really believe I can complete the programme" actually starts to take definite shape in your mind... it's awesome. Now every run is a step closer and your self belief will grow along with your ability and stamina (and you're definitely going to need that for your graduation party)😊😊😊 Woo hoo, go you!


Haha 😀 spot on. From disbelief to belief in just over 7 wweks (casually forgetting the extra 6 weeks from my February false start)


Oh that was just a practice! You are doing great now!


Thank you. With hindsight it was really useful: I became more determined and i found this fabulous community. I wouldn't wish injury on anyone so early on, but I would shout loud that it doesn't necessarily mean it's game over. Take time to fully recover, no rush, read and meet lovely people here then get back out there refreshed and ready to enjoy ☺


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