I did it!

Yesterday I graduated with a 5k Park Run, as a birthday treat (?!) to myself. Ran all the way, at what I found to be a comfortable pace, and finished with a time of 32 minutes, 1 second. I'm pretty pleased with that!

I've loved the couch to 5 K programme, which has really worked for me. I think the next challenge is ingraining this new exercise regime into my life so I stay fit...I guess it is exciting to think this is just the start!

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  • Wow great time and congratulations ! :)

  • Very very well done Suzie! Cracking time too :)

  • Oh that's a good time! Well done on finishing C25K.

  • Brilliant time & congrats on graduation.

  • Congratulations graduate SusieBoots ! You speedy person you - Enjoy your great success x

  • Very well done :)

  • Happy birthday and happy graduation ! Congratulations. As you say...this is just the beginning !

  • This is the hard part from now on -- figuring out how you can stop yourself from falling off the wagon!! :) As you said, we need to incorporate running and other exercising into our daily routine -- just like showering and cleaning our teeth. :) And you are also right - in that completion of C25K IS just the start . For me , I think that I really need the structure that the C25K programme provided and I think I will need to keep on doing running programmes forever - just like an AA member needs to continue to go to AA meetings even after they are long sober. Fortunately there are a plethora of running training programmes on the Internet

  • It took me a few weeks to get my head around what to do once I graduated. My plan is now to parkrun as often as I can and to work on speed and hills during the other two runs that I do in the week. Well done by the way that is a great time.

  • Hey, these Boots were made for running , :-)

    Massive well done to you Susie on your graduation and a Parkrun too , hey that's a time I can only dream of at the moment.

    Congratulations ! :-) xxx

  • Congratulations and well done on your time. Fantastic!

  • Congratulations, great time as well :)

  • thanks folks!

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