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I have met Julie at long last!!

Week 8 Run 1 complete.

My pace seems to have improved suddenly - I feel as though I'm running just as slow as ever but Endomondo tells me my average speed was 10.55 minutes per mile and I covered 2.57 miles in 28 minutes, which according to my surreptitious googling during the warm down walk is 4.1km!!!!!

I adapted my route a bit today to a circular route, having been inspired by walking to the doctor's this morning. It meant that the second half of the route was the same as I normally do on my out-and-back route. That worked really well.

I was of course listening out for the Julie song I have heard so much about on here, and when it appeared in my ears I had a huge smile on my face!

The run felt reasonably comfortable today but I was very wobbly during the warm down walk and my legs didn't feel like my own! I've done my stretches and hopefully I'll start recovering in the next hour or so. :-)

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Well done helen, nearly there now.

For some "Julie" is awfully fantastic but for me I am afraid it is fantastically awful.


Fantastic Helen! Not long now.


Haha I so can't wait to hear Julie - the anticipation is killing me!! Well done Helen xx


Aaahhh Julie. I'll always remember you whether I want to or not.


Well done, that is brilliant you seem to have found the running zone. I'm still looking for it but until then I'll keep chugging along. :)


I loved Julie! I've even got her on my regular running playlist now. When she comes on I smile without fail and remember how pleased I was to get to week 8.


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