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I only went and did it!!


9 weeks ago I was the kind of person who didn't run, couldn't run, wouldn't run. Forward wind 9 weeks and I'm a runner. I can't imagine going forward without running in my life.

Strangely body was still relucant to go out this morning even though it was our graduation run. It was grumbling as usual about it being too cold, too damp, too dark. Oh get a grip body I said. Off we went on our usual route with slightly faster than last time music. Once underway body settled down, and even said it was enjoying it. I decided to mix up the end of the run as I wanted to try and extend the run to see if I could break the 5k mark.

I chose my end point and even managed a bit of a sprint for the finish. I ran for 36mins and covered 4.5k. So not quite my 5k but I still feel pretry good. For someone who had never run before (not even for a bus) I've come a long way.

To all you runners no matter where you are in the programme - If I can do it so can you. It's the best feeling in the world. Now on to B210K and C25K+ - well didn;t really expect anything else did you? ;-)

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Yaaaaaay! Well done you. Cn't wait to get that feeling of finishing myself. You've done really well. Please don't leave us though. Do let us know how you're getting on with the C25k+ and B210k programmes.

Brilliant well done! You're spurring me on...I've been a bit lazy of late and am just at end of week 7...reading graduation stories makes me want to get there too! Good luck with the post grad running and keep letting us know how it's going :)


Congratulations on completing the C25K programme, AnnaDJ. It's a great feeling knowing that you can do want you want now regarding running. good luck getting to your first 5K.

Wow wee! well done. How exciting for you to achieve this! You had what it took! Now you know that you know you can continue. I really hope I can look back in 9 weeks and feel the same. :)


Well done AnnaDJ thats such a great achievment! I think we could all take your opening line and apply it to ourselves but come the end of 9 weeks - how things have changed; I cant wait to get there! Good luck on the 10k!


Congratulations, AnnaDJ! absolutely brilliant, and you can now celebrate your achievement! Have you asked JR21 for your graduation badge?


...and as if by magic you graduate badge has just appeared....looking good!


Ooooh squeal a shiney green badge. You can see my big wide smile from here to the moon. *squeak, squeak, squeak....*

Well done Anna that's fantastic.


Yayyy well done AnnaDJ, I love reading graduation blogs they really are uplifting to everyone not just those who are still working at it but those graduated you have now joined. We stand together us Green Badge Graduates, wear it with pride you have earned it big time. :)


Congratulations, Anna. It's always so inspiring to see people succeed where they once thought they'd never make it to the end.


Well done AnnaDY!

Huge congratulations to you! :D


Yay, congratulations - and look at that shiny green badge!


Well done Anna and body :-) I finished today too, I'm very excited. I just did the 30 minutes, about 3.4 K. I figured I can start trying to get to 5K with the 5K + podcasts, adding a bit more time and speed over the next few weeks.

AnnaDJGraduate in reply to Chocotwit

Well done. Gards together. :-)


Love the green badge.


Congratulations AnnaDJ !!


MANY CONGRATULATIONS AnnaDJ i haven't been on the site for a while but came on tonight and see your now a Grad most impressed - sorry to have missed the blog event ! hope to return to running on Monday but going back a couple of weeks to W5R1 to regain the stamina following the most painful injury to date scaroilitis - any way well done xxx

AnnaDJGraduate in reply to redfacewoman

Good to see you back. Take it easy. You'll be graduating before you know it.

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