Yesterday I dropped the car off

Yesterday I dropped the car off

So today i had to pick it up After it had its clutch fitted, so this morning I had to choose a mode of transport? a lift may be? No, the bus? No, bike? No, Run! ;-) Had to be!! Mostly trail route till I had to hit the roads near the end.

And the car is working a treat by the way ( may be on the wrong sight for the car news) lol heres my route above.

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  • Excellent idea :)

  • Cool! I am yet to get to grips with tracking gizmos & trail running, etc. so in awe of you being able to post route , etc. I'm not sure as a woman I'd like to arrive all hot & sweaty at a garage though, find them intimidating enough:/ great idea though & great run!

  • Nice way to do it.

  • Cool, really cool. Running with a purpose, being fit for life, I like it!

  • Perfect!

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